How to choose your wedding day fragrance

How to choose your wedding day fragranceYour wedding day calls for a seriously romantic scent, so stick with a perfume from the floral family to evoke that lovin’ feeling. These six fashion powerhouses have you covered.

Stella McCartney Sheer EDT: Yes, the girly bottle is part of the love affair, but Stella McCartney Sheer also delights the senses with an enchanting fusion of Bulgarian rose, English Celestial rose and peony.

Missoni Acqua EDT: Guaranteed to turn heads, Missoni’s Acqua is a luscious mix of floral, fruity and marine notes – sophistication in a bottle from the Italian fashion house famed for its colourful patterned knitwear.

Bvlgari Rose Essentielle Rosee EDT: Evoking the romantic season of spring, this scent blends Ottoman and Prélude roses with a fruity blend of orange and jasmine.

Hugo Boss Femme by Boss EDP: Tantalise your groom with a fruity blend of tangerine and blackcurrant, with a burst of Bulgarian rose petals.

Marc Jacobs Daisy EDT: Fashion-forward brides will love Marc Jacobs’ feminine Daisy fragrance, mixing strawberry, violet, vanilla and gardenia.

Chanel Chance eau Fraîche EDT: Beauty types describe this as the lighter incarnation of its original namesake. This pretty fragrance is a fresh combination of citrus and floral notes.

Perfume tips:

  • Heat brings out scents, so for a summer wedding, stick with lighter fragrances.
  • Make sure your bridal party wears a fragrance from the same family (ie. floral).
  • Spray your fragrance and let it dry before dressing to avoid marking delicate fabrics.

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