How to create a Summer Woodland Wedding

Summer weddings are always beautiful, but adding a Woodland theme may just take it to the next level!

Forests and woodland areas are always refreshing and scenic, not to mention it’s wonderful natural aroma and peaceful atmosphere.
You may not have considered a rainforest for a wedding ceremony or venue, but we can assure you these ideas may just get you thinking!

We all know greenery is a priority when planning your wedding flowers, but have you ever thought about greenery as your theme? Check out some of these amazing images featuring greenery and foliage!

DIY activities have been incredibly popular lately, so here are some Woodland DIY Ideas for your wedding!

  • Glass bowl/fishbowl terrarium with a tealight candle for table decor

  • A stack of old books topped with a floral up-do for table number props

  • An old wooden crate with old glass bottles filled with rustically themed flowers

  • Hanging twig/straw weaved wreaths with intertwined ferns

  • Potted gumboots as wedding decor

If you’re currently questioning where you would put the cake, or if you would even be able to have a cake, the answer is YES YOU CAN HAVE A CAKE and EMBRACE THE SCENIC THEME!

For a ceremony, clear an area in the woods and seat your guests on wooden benches or bales of hay.

For your professional wedding photos, don’t be afraid to experiment with different backdrops! This one seems a bit risky, but hey, whatever it takes to get the shot… right?

Your guest’s tables may need a bit of TLC, there’s nothing a roll of moss or candles can’t fix!

If you have a staircase or any amount of flat stones you need to decorate, perhaps think about using kokedamas, wooden stumps, wooden discs or clumps of moss.

Woodland Wedding Advice

  • It’s important to take regulations into consideration, especially for National Parks and Reserves. If there’s paperwork to fill out, it may be in your best interest to do that or you may risk having your wedding shut down with little notice.
  • You may not realise hidden costs. Unless you find a venue situated in a wooded area, you will have to create your own wedding space, which means renting tables, chairs, linens and more.
  • An outdoor issue you may overlook would be bugs, especially in wooded areas. Make sure you’re vocal with your outdoor venue of this issue. Many rural areas have local bug companies that offer the service of spraying the grounds before the guests arrive. Usually, they will spray the grounds a few days before to ensure the safety and success of the procedure. Nothing is worse than seeing your guests smacking their arms and legs while trying to enjoy themselves!
  • Toilets. If there are no public toilets around, you may want to invest in portable toilets for your guests in case someone needs to go!
  • Let your guests know about the location of the wedding, because they may not know what to wear. Having appropriate attire for a woodland wedding is a big thing you may not have thought about. You don’t want one of your girl-friends spraining her ankle after having her six-inch heels fall through the soggy soil!
  • Make sure your venue area is accessible for cars or vans, as your wedding suppliers will need to be able to make deliveries for your special day!
  • Being outdoors, make sure you have sunscreen or blankets to offer your guests, as some of your guests may be sensitive to the sun or get chilly if the weather turns.
  • Leaving food out in the open is something to take into consideration. Make sure your caterer brings the appropriate food safety gear. Fly nets may be a good idea to keep the bugs out of the hors-d’oeuvres!

If you’re thinking about having a woodland wedding we have you covered for caterers, decorators and planners to give you a helping hand with anything you need!

Don’t be afraid to embrace nature and use it to your advantage!

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