How to put together your guest list

All experts agree, when it comes to your wedding guest list, you need to be selective, even harsh, particularly if you’re on a tighter budget.

Bride Tasmania has the following advice on who should make your final guest list.

Divide evenly

Compose the guest list by allotting one third to the bride’s parents, one third to the groom’s parents, and one third to the bride and groom (or another division as you see fit).

Cut co-workers

This is a tough one, but is very necessary if you are trying to cut the list. The only exceptions may be co-workers who are also very close friends.

Don’t return the favour

Cut any guests who are on your list simply because they invited you to their wedding. You need to remember everyone’s circumstances are different, and you can’t assume the same criteria.

Switch places

Put yourself in the other person’s shoes and imagine – would you be hurt if they didn’t invite you to their wedding? Anyone for whom the answer is no gets cut from the list.

Trim out-of-touch friends

If you’re not friends on Facebook or don’t have their contact details readily on hand, consider cutting them. Also, if you haven’t been in touch with them for over a year or more then you should consider trimming them from the guest list.

Make it adults only

While not for everyone, an adults-only event is a quick and clear way to cut down on numbers. The cut-off age is up to you – most couples choose 16 or 18 years old.

What about distant family?

On the touchy issue of family members, etiquette expert Ceri Marsh offers this: “You may not be close [to certain family members] now, but think about how you’ll feel five years from now. Invite them all.”

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