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Why you need a wedding website

In an age when nearly everyone appears to have a Facebook page or is busily tweeting on Twitter, creating a personalised wedding website is becoming more and more popular for newly-engaged couples.

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Paris: A honeymooner’s guide

Deciding on a honeymoon destination? It’s hard to go past the City of Light. Honeymooners from all over the globe flock to Paris every year for its impeccable cuisine, designer shopping, art, museums, sightseeing, and of course, romance.

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Hair advice from Kevin Murphy

Ensuring your hair is in peak condition for your wedding day (read: shiny and soft, not ratty and heat-frazzled) is all about investing in the right products and practices leading up to the day.

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The Prenup: should you or shouldn’t you?

Ah, the prenuptial agreement. A potential land-mine for loved-up couples who may have differing opinions on whether drawing up a contract to protect hard-earned assets and future fortunes is the ultimate romance killer. But this is a modern trend clearly gaining popularity, with celebrities easily leading the way. 

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