10 Wedding Arch Ideas to make your wedding ‘pop’!

Are you unsure about how you’d like your ceremony to look? Maybe you’ve already chosen your flowers but you’re debating on where you want them. Or maybe you have a theme but don’t know how to put it together.

Perhaps your ceremony is missing a beautiful arch. Give your wedding ceremony some extra flair with a beautiful wedding arch or backdrop to frame the moment you become newlyweds, or accentuate any part of your wedding. Draped with taffeta fabric, flowers or even chandeliers they add a decorative touch to your wedding, and can be easily tied in to suit your wedding theme. From beach to vineyard, vintage country to glamorous gardens, here are some of our all-time faves!

Decorate your arch of choice with those beautiful blooms you decided on, or drape the frame with some wispy chiffon or ribbons!




Perhaps you want to make a statement of the entrance.. you could find some rustic looking doors at your local thrift store or tip shop and sand them for a smooth finish or use a glossy varnish to make theme shine. Alternatively, you could find some shabby ladders and let your imagination run wild.



You could even allocate an arch to your signing table!


…or you could get creative with hanging terrariums


..or maybe even some lanterns or fairy lights – if you’re having an evening wedding.

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