How to set up your Wedding Candy Station


Candy stations have gained popularity in recent years, which doesn’t come as a shock – after all, who doesn’t love a bit of the sweet stuff? A candy station adds a colourful, personalised touch to your wedding day and is fun for all of your guests to indulge in!

A few things couples should consider when choosing sweets for their wedding:

  • Consider the colour of your candy, choose colours that will enhance your chosen colour theme. Matching lollies will look so cute!
  • Decide on a delicious flavour that suits both the bride and groom personally. ( So the guests can enjoy both of the couple’s favourites.) Don’t forget to add more than two options – it IS a candy station after all. The best part about going up to the lolly counter as a child, was the masses of variety. – Anything from chewy french strawberry bon bons, to peppermint humbugs and plain old gummybears. Pure delight. Make the experience memorable!
  • How you would like the candies to be packaged for the ultimate appearance. WOULD you like them to be packaged? Or do you just want to set up a few bowls of candy on a table for your guests to pick from? Whether you use clear cellophane bags with pretty ribbon, or old-fashioned paper bags closed shut with a custom wedding sticker, your guests will love the effort that went into their special treat.
  • Whether you would also like additional lollipops (perhaps heart-shaped) for children or for table centre-pieces. They look amazing in photographs!
  • Also, consider dietary requirements and allergy concerns for all your guests. You wouldn’t want to order 150 bags of chocolate nut clusters to then find out a third of your guest list has an allergy to nuts.

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