Is your groom wedding-ready?

IsyourgroomweddingreadyLong gone are the days when grooms simply had to slip into a suit and slap on some aftershave before fronting up to the altar.

Today, grooms want to look just as sharp as their bride-to-be counterparts, and this means – preparation.

Your pending nuptials are a great reason to start a fitness program and adopt healthy eating habits, so see it as an opportunity to get motivated.

Just as your bride-to-be is whipping her body into shape to fit into her gown, grooms should also think about the figure they cut in their wedding suit.

Having a regular fitness routine in place at least six months before the big day will ensure you’re in shape, and also has the added benefits of helping to calm any pre-wedding jitters, as exercise is a great endorphin releaser.

Now is also the time to think about diet and nutrition. Overindulging in rich foods and alcohol spells disaster if you want to look good on your wedding day – so think twice before having that second helping.

Too much alcohol will also wreak havoc with your skin, a problem that is difficult to hide.

If you’re experiencing problem skin it’s time to bring in the professionals. The day spa is no longer the dominion of women; many men have discovered the benefits of massages, facials and even manicures.

As for your hair, don’t deviate too much from your regular hairstyle. And whatever you do, don’t attempt anything new too close to the day. Blond tips may seem like a good idea, but if disaster strikes, you won’t be very popular with your bride – remember, your wedding photos are with you for life!

On the day you will no doubt be grinning ear to ear, and with your photographer catching every moment, it’s worth considering whether your pearly whites are in fact… white.

If years of coffee and red wine have left your teeth lacklustre, consider teeth whitening. You can opt for the at-home option, which involves wearing a specially fitted mouth guard, filled with whitening product for an hour a night, or for a much quicker solution (though considerably more expensive) try a professional whitening procedure like Zoom3! Tooth Whitening.

As for on the big day, opt for a subtle aftershave that isn’t too overpowering, go easy on the hair product and remember to flash that newly brightened smile.

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