Jarmiela + Brett

The meeting

Jarmiela and Brett first met through mutual friends at a barbecue. While it would be romantic to say that it was love at first sight, the pair didn’t even give each other a second glance.

However, friends persisted, and Jarmiela and Brett began to see more of each other through various meetings that soon turned into a great friendship. Two years later their friendship blossomed into romance and love, and six years later – a marriage proposal.

The proposal

Brett had always shrugged off the thought of marriage. Although later Jarmiela found out that he did so, so she wouldn’t suspect anything. Although her suspicions came to fruition when Brett planned a secret weekend away to the Freycinet Peninsula, staying in a beautiful waterfront cottage. After their arrival, the pair set off on a walk to the Wineglass Bay Lookout where Brett began acting very strangely (as he was planning the proposal). However, Jarmiela soon turned their relaxing walk into – in Brett’s words “The Mark Webber Challenge” and killed the moment.

Not to be deterred, whilst getting ready for a romantic dinner, Brett told Jarmiela that he had a present for her on the balcony. As she was hunting around for her present, Jarmiela turned to find Brett down on one knee with a ring in his hand. “It was a perfect moment,” said Jarmiela. “I remember that feeling like it was yesterday.”

The wedding

Jarmiela and Brett held an elegant country-themed wedding with a beautiful garden ceremony.

Jarmiela and her bridesmaids spent the night before the wedding at a cottage in Richmond. They started the wedding day with hair and makeup at 9.30am, before heading to the wedding venue in a limo. Jarmiela and her bridesmaids had time to relax before the 4.30pm ceremony. “I remember peeking out of the windows to see who was arriving and to see the ceremony being set up,” said Jarmiela. “I was surprised at how relaxed I was on the day. The only time I felt nervous was getting the ‘It’s time’ announcement from the wedding planner.” Once their ceremony was over Jarmiela and Brett were able to relax, although their heads were high in the clouds. The pair then had photos taken, before their reception celebrations began. “The food was just amazing,” said Jarmiela. “We had a buffet for main course, and a dessert buffet which was my favourite. I also had a lolly buffet which consisted of little tin watering cans filled with lollies to fit with my country theme,” she said. 

Highlights and hitches

A big highlight for Jarmiela came the night before her wedding, as her bridesmaids gave her a beautiful wedding charm bracelet with lucky charms that resembled Jarmiela and Brett’s wedding.

Jarmiela also remembers the highlight of seeing Brett’s face as she walked around the corner and down the aisle. “It was as though nothing else mattered in the world, and all my nerves disappeared,” she said.

The only real hitch on the day was a wardrobe malfunction during their photography session. Brett picked Jarmiela up and her corset broke on one of its connections. Thankfully her bridesmaids were able to fix it and all was good. 

The honeymoon

Jarmiela and Brett headed off on a 9-day cruise to New Caledonia, visiting the Isle of Pines, Mare, Lifou and Noumea. “It was so relaxing!” said Jarmiela. “I have never slept and eaten so much in my life – it was a much needed break.”

Tips for others

• “Spreadsheets are your friend, I had a massive spreadsheet whilst planning our wedding and it did me wonders,” said Jarmiela. “I felt so organised – from the small details to the budget.”

• Don’t leave things until the last minute, it will only stress you out. If you have a lot on your to-do list, delegate delegate delegate! Everyone will be happy to help you.

• Lastly, enjoy the moment. It’s the best day of your life and it’s over before you know it. If something happens on the day that you didn’t plan, who cares, you just got married!




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