Jasmin & Daniel


The meeting

Surprisingly, when I had my first date with Daniel in a bar in Salamanca I actually wasn’t 100% sure if he would be “The One”! But he persisted and promised me a trip to Mt Wellington to the snow, as I had never been before.

Dan loves to ski and I think he wanted to make sure I could handle skiing! After that weekend though I knew we were meant to be – I love his sense of humour! Dan has since told me he knew pretty much straight away it was love, it was just a matter of letting me catch up!

Photo143The proposal

While we were on holiday on Nukubati Island – a gorgeous private island in Fiji – I was convinced if Dan was going to propose it would be at dinner on the beach one evening, so I wore my best outfit and made myself up. I was a little devastated when it never happened!

We were scheduled to have a picnic on a sandbar on our last full day on the island, but the weather was looking like it might be bad and they were unsure if we could go. Dan was apparently extremely anxious at this point because he didn’t know how to hide the ring from me or where he would propose back in Australia.

We were advised the weather had improved and no sooner had we arrived on the sandbar Dan pulled a little box from his backpack. But he couldn’t get down on one knee because he was so sunburnt on his legs! But that didn’t matter. We shared the news with the other guests on the island who were delighted, but kept it to ourselves until we returned to Australia, which made it a little more special.

Photo251The wedding

As we are both originally from Hobart and have a lot of family and friends there, we decided our wedding would be back in our hometown. We chose our five anniversary as our wedding date.

Our ceremony was held in the beautiful Town Hall; it was a perfect backdrop for all of our family photos. Our intimate reception for 55 guests was held at the Battery Point Community Hall.

Despite our wedding being held in the middle of winter, it was a perfectly sunny day with blue skies, and the beautiful snow topped Mount Wellington provided the perfect backdrop.

There was so much laughter throughout the whole day. We had arranged for some photo props to be at the ceremony with cameras, which produced some hilarious photos!

We wanted a relaxed approach to our wedding photos and after our ceremony we went for a celebratory drink while we walked along the waterfront.

Photo495Highlights and hitches

Dan and I had prepared some really special and hilarious vows, which were a highlight of the ceremony for us.

Another highlight for me was showing off all of the hard work I had put into decorating our venue. I made my own paper bouquet and boutonnieres, and my dad made wooden planter boxes for all of my centrepieces. I was so proud of all the effort my friends and family had put into helping.

Any hitches we had on the day were minor; the person in charge of the iPod during our ceremony started playing our recessional song in the middle of one of our readings. Unfortunately my grandfather was too sick to attend on the day, but I was lucky enough to be able to talk to him on the phone during the reception. And as I did a lot of DIY there were a lot of glue burns in the lead up to the wedding!

Photo293The honeymoon

After our wedding reception we stayed the night in Hobart. The next day we flew to the US for three weeks, where we visited LA, Las Vegas, San Francisco and New York. Some of the highlights of the trip for us were visiting Disneyland, Alcatraz in San Francisco and a helicopter ride over New York. On the way home we spent several days in Sydney visiting some of Dan’s family who unfortunately couldn’t make it to Tasmania for the wedding.

Advice/tips for other couples?

  • Having an unplugged ceremony – it was amazing walking down the aisle seeing everyone’s faces rather than seeing them holding up their phones taking photos.
  • Be firm with family, it can be difficult but ultimately the day is about you.
  • If there is something you desperately want but for some reason it won’t work, find an alternative.
  • Pinterest is a friend!

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