Photography: Lifestyle Images by Alexandra Grimshaw

Venue: Home Hill Winery

The meeting

Jess and Tim met properly for the first time while at medical school in Burnie. “We spent the first few years of university in Hobart where we didn’t really get to know each other, despite being in the same class,” said Jess. This was not surprising given there were 130 people in the class. While in Burnie, Jess and Tim were sent on a placement to a small town where they lived together for four weeks, and were able to get to know each other well. “The long drives between Hobart and Burnie also helped our developing relationship!” said Jess. “We kept in touch, and then Tim asked me to come over. He cooked me a meal and things became official!” she said “Lamb with stuffed mushrooms and raspberry swirl cheesecake made the decision an easy one!”

The proposal

Tim asked Jess to marry him in December 2014. The pair went on board an ex-Sydney to Hobart yacht on the Derwent River, and Tim had told Jess that they were going on a surprise picnic to an undisclosed location. Jess thought this was a lovely gesture, and that it was probably a belated birthday present from Tim. She had no idea what Tim had planned. “I was told to meet him at the docks,” Jess said. “We walked down to a beautiful yacht, Helsal IV. I couldn’t believe my luck in being able to sail on her. Sailing is one of my great hobbies, so it was such a treat. Although seeing as it was a surprise I had unfortunately worn a dress, which was a bit problematic in a strong breeze!” The pair walked up to the front of the boat, and sitting on the side, Tim asked Jess to become his wife. “It was so romantic and thoughtful,” she said. “We sailed back to shore and enjoyed the picnic Tim had packed, and quickly shared the news with our families that night. They were so happy for us,” said Jess.

The wedding

Jess and Tim’s wedding ceremony was held at St David’s Cathedral in Hobart, and their reception was at Home Hill Winery in Ranelagh. “It was important for us to have our ceremony in a church, and be able to share our faith with our family and friends,” Jess said. “We had a fairly traditional theme for our wedding, and tried to involve our family members in as many aspects as possible. My father (who’s not a baker or a cook), made our wedding cake; Tim’s mum made the table runners; my gran and aunt arranged the floral centrepieces for the reception tables, and my mum organised much of the afternoon tea in the church, along with plenty of other family members and friends who made a huge difference to our day,” said Jess.

“We wanted our decorations to have a natural feel, and to fit in with the surrounding environment, so we incorporated natives into our bouquets, and our bomboniere was small succulents that we had grown in the backyard for the occasion,” added Jess.

Highlights and hitches

“Our main highlight was seeing each other for the first time in the church,” Jess said. “Having a wonderful and beautiful group of bridesmaids and groomsmen who went over and above to make our day amazing,” was another highlight. “The day would not have been possible if not for our families who supported us all the way. A special mention goes to Dad for engineering the most amazing wedding cake with very limited baking experience. We both struggle to remember a hitch in the day,” Jess said. “We were having too much fun! The only near mishap was during the father-daughter dance. This was a pre choreographed routine that we hadn’t practiced in my wedding dress, which had a wide train. Dad walked backwards and got caught up in the train, but luckily he righted himself before he fell on his face!” she added.

For more details on Jess + Tim’s wedding, pick up the latest copy of Bride Tasmania Magazine from your local newsagent or purchase an online copy.

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