From Facebook friends to husband and wife!

This is the beautiful story of Jessica and Greg.
Photographer: Ali Davis Photography
Date: March 24, 2018.


After first meeting through mutual friends, Greg added Jessica as a friend on Facebook. For the first few months, they got to know each other through social media. During that time, they became best friends and soon afterwards they had a romantic dinner date. Their relationship instantly blossomed from there.


Greg and Jessica had planned an exciting holiday cruise from Sydney to Hawaii for April 2018. Some time before leaving they were discussing their future together and how they wanted to start a family. They both agreed that marriage comes before children. Accordingly, they decided to get married. They then decided that the holiday would make a perfect honeymoon! They did not mention this to the family until Greg asked for Jessica’s dad’s permission before a spontaneous weekend away. Greg officially proposed during their weekend away in April 2017. From then on it was wedding planning time!


Unfortunately, weather was not on their side. “For at least two weeks leading up to the day, the weather was miserable,” Jessica said.

The morning of the wedding was gloomy, and there was a rain shower earlier in the day. By noon though, the sun peeped through. Jessica said, “We definitely had a few people looking down on us, who kept the rain away for the ceremony.”

“Our day was perfect, and we owe it to all of those people who helped and attended.”

The couple chose to have their wedding on Jessica’s parents’ property in Crabtree, in the Huon Valley. Their photos were done by a friend of theirs, Alistair. “It was perfect having someone we knew capture our day.”

For their wedding theme, they decided on ‘Country’ and ‘Rustic’. Though common, it didn’t take away from the masterpiece that they managed to put together!

They emphasised a lot on the ‘Country’ theme with wooden posts, barrels, boxes and wheels.

Jessica and Greg built a lot of their decorations, such as their arbour, dancefloor and screenage to hide their marquee. Jessica’s parent’s home was a huge resource (adding hay bales, horse carts, tractors, and the bush backdrop). They were quite budget savvy due to the large DIY component.

The couple also levelled a paddock on Jessica’s parent’s property into a luscious green surface for their marquee to sit on.

Jessica’s three gorgeous bridesmaids wore a beautiful shade of blush pink. On the other side of the aisle, Greg’s three groomsmen wore pale grey suits …and in the middle of the aisle, stood Jessica in her exquisite ivory Christina Rossi Gown, (all clothing purchased from Storrs Bridal). Jessica is incredibly thankful for her gown; she said, “I was lucky enough to have my parents purchase the gown and gift it to me.”

The rings were bought from Prouds Jewellers. Most of Jessica’s other jewellery was lovingly given to her by family and family friends. Jessica’s 59-year-old headpiece was gifted to her from her mother-in-law. Her mother-in-law and her grandmother both wore it for their weddings! Jessica was also lent an ivory brooch which belonged to her grandmother who received it from Paris. Jessica’s cherished brooch was pinned to her bouquet.

Greg wore a pocket watch in his suit. It was gifted to him on his 30th birthday from his great grandmother, and dates back about five generations. How special!

Jessica and Greg’s family and friends gifted some lovely flowers from their gardens for their wedding, and the bouquets and boutonnieres were beautifully crafted by none other than Jessica’s mum!

Their wedding cake was lovingly made by Greg’s mother. It was three tiered; white choc, caramel choc, and choc mud…YUM!

Jessica’s hair and makeup were done by two lovely ladies, in two very hospitable salons. Jessica had in mind what she was after and she was very happy with the results!


Jessica’s highlight was, “Obviously seeing Greg when I walked down the aisle. He was so happy. I spent the whole time looking at him. I wasn’t paying attention to anyone else.”

To add a bit of nostalgia to their wedding, Jessica’s dad and her brothers-in-law restored and re-painted her grandfather’s 1948 David Brown Cropmaster tractor for their special day. Jessica arrived at the ceremony on the tractor, and her bridesmaids followed, making the same grand entrance.

Jessica was worried that it might rain, and that she wouldn’t be able to arrive on the tractor. “It was more than a novelty for me – it was sentimental.” said Jessica.

Now, this will reach your hearts! When asked about the highlights of their big day, Greg said, “Driving over the hill into the Valley seeing the clouds disappear and the sun coming out.”, “Only to be outdone to the sound of the tractors coming up the road, and then turning around and seeing Jessica.”

Greg and Jessica have an inside game where they spot windmills on road trips.

Greg said, “She had put a windmill on the fence next to the aisle, and she pointed at it and mouthed “windmill” on the way down.” How sweet?!

Jessica and Greg spent weeks practising their first dance, but on the night, Greg completely forgot what to do! “We both cannot dance!” said Jessica, “It really wasn’t a hitch, because we all laughed.”

The champagne was forgotten, and “when the champagne was found and poured into the plastic champagne flutes, they all split!” Thankfully, they had plenty of champagne glasses on hand.

As for serious glitches, Jessica said, “We were all in the marquee and it started to pour with rain, and there was a tiny little gap where the water gushed in.” “Thankfully we had amazing guests, and everyone took it in their stride.”


The newlyweds went on a lovely cruise from Sydney to Hawaii. The cruise was 19 days, and then they spent a week further in Waikiki. “It was absolutely amazing!” said Jessica.


  • If you’re thinking about DIY, they said, “It was tough, but all the hard work pays off!”
  • Jessica says, “You’re allowed to be selfish and say ‘no’ to other people’s suggestions, it is the one time where it is all about you. Most importantly, if I could change one thing, it would be to have not spent the weeks leading up to the wedding stressing about the rain. It was the one thing we could not control.”

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