JoandPeter5Wedding date: 26 October 2014

Photographer: Steve Lovegrove Wedding Photographer


Jo and a very shy Peter met on a Sydney dance floor in 2004.

While the pair swapped phone numbers, it took about two weeks of late night phone calls for Pete to muster the courage to ask Jo out on a date to the movies.

Opting out of any romantic flicks, Pete chose to take Jo to see the comedy Anchorman, which luckily struck a chord with Jo.

“It showed his funny side,” she said. “We still watch it (the movie) together every October.”

JoandPeter1While the date ended without a goodnight kiss, Jo remained patient through more late night phone calls until the relationship finally took off.

“I knew that I would have a challenge breaking through the shell of this shy guy, but I wanted to get to know the sweet, caring man inside,” she says.

For Pete, the road to getting to know Jo was much simpler. “We shared a similar sense of humour and had a lot in common, which made getting to know Jo easy,” he says.


Pete proposed to Jo six days after their seven year anniversary, at precisely 7.18 in the morning (the time being a combination of both Pete and Jo’s favourite numbers).

While he had planned to wait until the next day, impatience got the better of him and he greeted a very tired Jo, on bended knee beside the bed, with a little black box in his hand.

In her hazy state, Jo promptly pushed the box out of the way and rolled over to go back to sleep. However, when Pete insisted she might want to open it, Jo quickly woke up and couldn’t believe the beautiful ring in front of her. When Pete then asked her if she was going to say yes, her answer was swift.

“I shouted “yes of course!” and threw my arms around him,” Jo says.


After walking the Overland Track in the Central Highlands when they first moved to Tasmania, Pete and Jo always knew Cradle Mountain would feature in their wedding plans.

The two were married at the Cradle Mountain Chateau, with a ceremony held in the Wilderness Gallery, followed by a reception for 60 guests at Quolls Bistro.

With most of their guests travelling from interstate and the UK, Jo and Pete made their wedding a three day event to give everyone the time to enjoy the venue and each other.

“We chose these venues as they have a special meaning to us,” Jo says. “The hike was a great challenge and adventure for us and brought us closer together as a couple. We fell in love with Tasmania’s stunning natural beauty and we wanted to share this with our closest friends and family.”


One of the biggest highlights of the day for Jo was being able to spend such special time with her family from the UK, many of whom she had not seen for eight years.

The highlight for Pete was having the couple’s wedding photos taken in the snow, something which was a great novelty for many interstate guests.

Both Pete and Jo also loved that they were able to involve as many people as possible in their ceremony, including having a beautiful poem read by both of their mothers as part of a handfasting ceremony. During the Celtic based ceremony, which involves the joining together of the bride and groom’s wrists to symbolise their endless commitment to one another, the pair also used a beautiful ribbon embroidered by Jo’s stepmother.

JoandPeter4After taking private lessons in the weeks before the wedding, Jo and Pete also enjoyed their first dance together (even though they were quite nervous beforehand).

Like most couples, Jo and Pete found parts of the lead-up to their wedding day (including their jeweller temporarily misplacing Pete’s ring) stressful, but their big day was perfect.

“We would not do anything differently [as] it was exactly how we planned, and captured our personalities perfectly,” Jo says.

Even guests having to drive through blizzard conditions to get to the wedding did not put a dampener on the day.

“The weather was not the perfect clear, sunny day every bride dreams of, but how many people in Australia can say they had a white wedding?” Jo says. “And because of the weather that day, we were able to get dramatic, beautiful photos that captured the sheer beauty of this area which was exactly what we were hoping for!”


Gnocchi, roasted pumpkin and sage butter
Prawn and scallop tossed in linguine with a spicy chilli jam

Pan fried blue eye trevalla on a warm kipfler potatoes, bacon and caper salad
Sautéed duck breast with wilted spinach
Flinders Island lamb cutlets and goats cheese tart

Lavender pannacotta
Anvers dark chocolate s’more
Flourless chocolate cake


With family travelling from the UK for the wedding, Pete and Jo decided to have more of a ‘family moon’ than a honeymoon, especially since Jo had not seen her mum, stepdad and sister for seven years.

With the plan to explore parts of Australia they had never been before, the group spent a fantastic 10 days in Far North Queensland, visiting the Great Barrier Reef, the Daintree Rainforest and the Atherton Tablelands. Pete especially loved getting the chance to try out his new Go Pro underwater camera while snorkelling and scuba diving.


• Don’t compromise on what you really want.

• Make sure you have enough time to spend with all your guests, as the day goes so quickly.

• Don’t leave things until the last minute. ❤

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