Joanna + Andrew

The meeting

Joanna and Andrew first met at a bar in Salamanca Place, Hobart. Joanna was out with her best friend, and after she became aware of someone’s glare upon her, Andrew appeared in front of her as if from nowhere. Andrew’s opening line was, “I think we have met before…” which he meant in all seriousness. Joanna had to inform Andrew that she had no idea who he was, and that they had not met before. Andrew accepted her reply and returned to his friend. A short time later, Andrew returned again and said, “I’ve been thinking, I think we have a mutual friend, Tyson?” to which Joanna replied, “Yes! I know Tyson, I taught his son!” The pair then enjoyed a drink, followed by dancing, and the rest, as they say, is history.

The proposal

Joanna and Andrew were visiting Melbourne with Joanna’s mum, aunty and two cousins. It was the Sunday afternoon of the June long weekend, and they had all been to see the Lion King. Andrew had earlier told Joanna that after the show they would be having dinner with his friends.  When the show finished, Andrew and Joanna left her family and went back to their apartment to get ready for dinner. As they were about to leave for dinner, Andrew pulled out his phone and said, “Jo have a look at this.” Joanna took Andrew’s mobile and looked at the slideshow that was playing on it. “At first I was a bit confused as to what was happening,” said Joanna. “There was a slideshow playing that showed a ring being made. I had no idea who this ring belonged to and what the point of the slideshow was,” she said. “I kept thinking to myself, ‘Does he want to know if I like this ring?’” As the slideshow progressed, Joanna’s thoughts turned to, “Oh my goodness, could this be happening?” The slideshow finished with the words “Will you marry me?” and Joanna turned to find Andrew down on one knee. It was obvious, “Yep this was happening,” she thought. The slideshow was Joanna’s ring being designed and made.

The wedding

Joanna and Andrew were married at St David’s Cathedral, Hobart. A reception at a Hobart waterfront hotel followed. The pair chose to have a largish wedding of 150 guests, and needed a large room to accommodate everyone. “The amazing view from the room, was definitely a great bonus,” said Joanna. The theme for their wedding was mixed. “We wanted a quite traditional wedding, with modern elements –  quite simple yet classy,” she said. “I remember going to the florist and explaining this. She understood it perfectly. We just wanted things to be done properly, simply and look elegant. We were completely thrilled with the way it all came together.”

Highlights and hitches

The day of Joanna and Andrew’s wedding went without a hitch. “Everything went perfectly, and besides a few slight changes with the running of a few things, we were very lucky that it all went so well,” Joanna said. “It is hard to pick any one highlight of the day. We loved every minute of it, and being able to have our families and friends involved was amazing. That split second feeling as I was about to walk into the church and see Andrew and vice versa, I think was a highlight for both of us,” Joanna said. 

The honeymoon

Joanna and Andrew are looking forward to honeymooning in July and August this year. The pair have set up a travel gift registry, and plan to head to America and Europe to escape Tasmania’s winter and enjoy some time in the sun. “We plan to go for about 5-6 weeks. My family come from a Polish background, so taking Andrew to Poland will be a highlight of the trip,” Joanna said.

Tips for others

• Have a main folder to keep everything in. “This was great, and an easy point of access if I needed anything,” said Joanna. 
• Keep in regular email contact with your wedding suppliers – florist, photographer, reception venue etc. “This was crucial for my peace of mind. Having a ‘wedding’ email folder worked well too, so that I could save and keep track of all correspondence,” she said.
• Work together with your partner. “Andrew was very keen to be part of the wedding planning, as were both our sets of parents. Little informal ‘wedding meetings’ worked well for us too.”

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