Keep calm you’re getting married!

Wedding anxiety getting the better of you? Don’t let wedding day nerves set in. The pressure of wanting things to be just right can produce lots of stress, so here are a few tips for how to reduce these perfectly normal feelings and enjoy your wedding day…

wedding nerves

Be positive!

A ‘can-do’ attitude is infectious, so thinking and acting positively will make those around you more inclined to help you sort out any planning problems and make your dream day a reality.

Accept help from others

By working with others you will get more done in less time, and hopefully alleviate a lot of your stress. Remember, everyone wants you to have a fantastic wedding, so you are all working towards the same goal. Try to surround yourself with calming, reassuring people wherever possible, as you really won’t need any naysayers making you feel worse. And ensure that any last minute details are either sorted out the day before, or are delegated to someone responsible to put your mind at rest.


On average, we take over 800 breaths an hour without even thinking about it. However, one of the simplest paths to relaxation is breathing properly. Several minutes of slow, deep breaths will calm nerves and allow greater control over the situation – however stressful it may be.

If you fear that nerves will be a major concern for you on the day, give some thought to practicing yoga, tai chi or mindfulness meditation before your big day. Breathing is a useful technique at the core of many of these practices.

Express yourself

Let your friends and family know that you are feeling anxious. They will probably guess or expect that you will have some nerves. It will help you to open up and talk about them. By expressing your feelings, everyone can give you the support you need. And importantly, have a laugh about it! You are preparing for a life-changing occasion, but don’t let it get overly important. After all, it really should be fun!

Time out

Treat yourself to a facial or calming massage in the lead up to your wedding. And don’t forget to schedule some ‘you’ time with friends, family and your fiancé where all discussion about ‘The Wedding’ is strictly off limits. After all, you can’t be on the go organising your wedding all the time.


Exercise is a great way to relieve stress. Fit in some gentle exercise, or go for a brisk walk either the night before or the morning of the wedding. Better yet, schedule a regular exercise program in the months before your wedding – not only will it help to keep your stress levels under control – it will help to get you in great shape too.


Get a good night’s sleep the night before the wedding. If you’re worried about getting to sleep, try a few tricks that usually help you unwind, whether it’s a cup of chamomile tea, a relaxing bath, aromatherapy or reading a good book.

Don’t worry about small details

Try not to worry about the details on the day of your wedding. Definitely don’t sweat the small stuff. With all your planning and preparation, your big day will undoubtedly be amazing. Always keep in mind the bigger picture, as this will enable you to take control of how you feel and you can enjoy your wedding!






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