Keeping cool in the heat

If your wedding is planned to take place during the warmer months of the year be prepared for some hot and sticky weather once your big day arrives.

While it’s every couples’ dream to see the sun shining brightly on their wedding day, it can be gruelling for your guests to sit through a hot ceremony without a way to beat the heat.


Let your guests know

The first step is to make sure your guests know if your ceremony or reception will be held outdoors so they can dress appropriately for the hot weather – they’ll want to stay away from dark clothes and fabrics made of synthetic fibre, such as polyester. You might also decide to have a jacket-less wedding to help the men out. It’s up to you to make your guests as comfortable as they can be, so we have found some innovative ways for you to keep your guests cool and happy throughout your special day.


Shade is vital if you’re planning an outdoor wedding in summer or early autumn. Even if most of your wedding will take place indoors, your guests will probably be drawn to the outdoors, even just to get a breath of fresh air. If possible, set up seating under large trees, umbrellas or even a marquee where your guests can mingle comfortably.


Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate!

If it’s likely to be a very hot day, have plenty of bottled water at hand – preferably on ice. You could also set up a drinks station that matches your wedding theme, with lemonade or soda water containing straws in matching colours. Save the cocktails for the reception as alcohol can dehydrate you quickly, and ask your groomsmen to carry around an eski so that you have drinks and snacks available throughout the day.


Keep it fresh

Make sure your guests have a way to freshen up. Look for containers that match your wedding décor – galvanised tin buckets, vintage wooden crates, ornate ceramic boxes – and use them to place freshen-up essentials: mini deodorant, sunscreen, insect repellent, towels, breath mints and mini water bottles.


Hand held fans and parasols are another good way of keeping your guests cool during your wedding. There are lots of varieties and colours available. Don’t forget about your guests, it can be a nice thought to gift them fans as well!



If you know your wedding day is likely to be hot, consider scheduling your wedding a little later to avoid the hottest parts of the day. We’d suggest keeping your wedding as late as possible to take advantage of the best time of day for outdoor portraits.


Looking good

Chat with your makeup artist about sweat resistant makeup. Have your bridesmaids carry a touch up kit to keep you looking beautiful and drip-free throughout the day.

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