Kimberly + Brendan

Kimberley + Brendan

Photography: Linda Pasfield Photography

Venue: The Beach Restaurant, Blackmans Bay

Wedding date: February 11, 2017

The Meeting

Kimberly and Brendan first met at a friend’s birthday party when they were just sixteen years old. Although there was an instant chemistry between them, it wasn’t until two years later that Kimberly received a very special phone call one Christmas Eve, and Brendan confessed his love for her. From that moment, Kimberly and Brendan began their romantic relationship, and they have been inseparable ever since.

The Proposal

Brendan’s birthday celebrations proved to be the trigger for a marriage proposal. Kimberly and Brendan had decided to head to Willie Smith’s Apple Shed in the Huon Valley for lunch. “It was a hot summer day and after we had finished our lunch, Brendan suggested we go for a walk along the Huon River,” said Kimberly.

“He seemed nervous as we walked hand in hand. We had walked a couple of laps at this stage when Brendan led me back down to where we started. I had been waiting for this proposal for so long, that as we were heading back to the car I didn’t think it was going to happen,” she said.

Instead of getting back into the car, Brendan led Kimberly to a park bench that overlooked the Huon River. “I thought this was strange,” Kimberly said. ”Because the car was right there with air-conditioning, which would have been nice because it was so hot.”

The pair sat together for a time, and when Kimberly finally turned to face Brendan she noticed he was holding a ring in his hand, and he finally asked, “Will you marry me?” Kimberly answered with a very enthusiastic, “Yes!” The pair stood and embraced. Then as Brendan placed the ring on Kimberly’s finger her jaw dropped. “I looked down and realised it was the very ring I had told Brendan I liked over a year ago when I was giving him some subtle hints. Turns out he purchased that very ring the same month I mentioned that I liked it, and had kept it in a special hiding place for over a year.”

During that year Kimberly and Brendan had been particularly busy. They had built a home together, and brought a beautiful baby girl into the world. Brendan had kept the ring until he felt it was the right time to propose, and they were in the perfect place in their lives to plan a wedding. After the proposal took place, Kimberly and Brendan contacted their immediate family and friends to give them the good news. They also arranged a small gathering at their home to celebrate hat evening.

The Wedding

Kimberly and Brendan were married in a beach-themed wedding on Blackmans Bay Beach. This particular location holds a lot of sentimental value to them both as a couple. “We have shared many memories at this spot,” Kimberly said. “We both thought it was the best place for us to unite our little family.”

The bridesmaids wore mint-coloured gowns, and the groomsmen wore pale grey vests, charcoal grey trousers and matching mint coloured ties.

The happy couple chose to celebrate their nuptials at the Beach Restaurant, also at Blackmans Bay, which is located right on the waterfront overlooking the ocean. Brendan wore a full suit, complete with a jacket. Kimberly’s bouquet was made up of lilies and orchids, while the bridesmaids’ bouquets were made of gypsophila (baby’s breath). The groomsmen all wore baby’s breath and orchid buttonholes to match.

Kimberly and Brendan hosted a sit down dinner from a menu that was designed specifically for their wedding. Guests enjoyed shared pizzas for entrée, and then chose main course, followed by wedding cake as dessert. “Most guests assumed it would be an alternate drop, as that is what most functions provide,” said Kimberley. “They were pleasantly surprised when they could choose their own meals,” she added.

Friends and family played a big role in the preparation for Kimberly and Brendan’s big day. “My close family member Rachael runs a business called Nature’s Bliss Soap Studio, and she provided the most beautiful beach-themed soap favours which looked absolutely stunning on the tables for our guests. My very talented mother-in-law helped source our table runners to match our mint theme. My pop was our MC for the evening, and we enjoyed all the speeches from the father of the bride, the maid of honour, the best man and Brendan himself. Brendan impressed Kimberly with his loving words for her and their relationship.

Kimberly and Brendan were determined to get everyone up and dancing to celebrate their wedding with a mix of music from the 70s to contemporary sounds. “Toby from Hobart Mobile Music helped put together a little request I had for the father daughter dance,” said Kimberly. “We started off with a slow version of the Guns N’ Roses track ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine,’ and after around 30 seconds he faded that song out and brought the original version in. We had coordinated this with my dad and the bridal party, and just before the original version was brought in, Dad spun me around. As soon as the original song began to play, all the bridal party ran onto the dance floor and busted out the air guitar. It was hilarious, and within no time the bridal party had encouraged the guests onto the dance floor to join us,” Kimberly said. “Everyone was up and dancing, which then continued all through the night. It wasn’t until Toby announced the last song that we realised the night was almost over. We didn’t want it to end, as it was the most fun evening of our lives.”

Highlights and Hitches

Kimberly and Brendan’s wedding day ran without a hitch, apart from the moment the best man was asked to pass the rings to the marriage celebrant, Fiona. “He was very nervous,” said Kimberly.

“On opening the ring box, my ring fell out and disappeared into the sand.” With all of the wedding guests holding their breath, Fiona calmly asked everyone to stand very still. “After what felt like minutes, the ring was recovered in only a matter of seconds,” said Kimberly. “It was all recorded on film, and it was such a relief when the ring was found. Everybody cheered. We are grateful that we can all laugh about this now, but unfortunately the best man has now been given the nickname of ‘Gollum,’” she added.

After that minor hiccup, the rest of Kimberly and Brendan’s day was magical.

A major highlight for Kimberly was to hear Brendan’s incredible marriage vows. “I was eventually brought to tears of joy on hearing Brendan’s vows. I was so overwhelmed with love for my now husband. Having our friends and family with us, especially the ones that travelled long  distances helped make our day even more memorable,” she said.

More details

For more details on Kimberly and Brendan’s beautiful Tasmanian wedding, pick up a copy of Bride Tasmania Magazine from your newsagent…

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