Krystal & Daniel


It was the night of New Year’s Eve.

Krystal had gone to a friend’s house for pre-drinks before heading off to town together. The two were getting ready, while Krystal was having her hair curled Daniel was going back and forth handing Krystal drinks – as a true gentleman would. Krystal had never met Daniel before, only his sister-in-law and two brothers, Brad and Lloyd.

Much to Krystal’s ignorance, Daniel was pretty impressed by Krystal’s random bouts of kindness and wanted to initiate some kind of conversation. As Krystal was really pretty, it was hard not to.

As the night progressed, Krystal fed Daniel food after many drinks and they hit it off really well. The two clicked instantly and talked all night long.

The next day Krystal was heading to Bruny Island, on her way she looked through her phone and found a missed call from an unknown number. Albeit unknown, she messaged it to see who it was, only to find out it was Daniel. To this day, neither of them know how Daniel got her number. It shall remain a mystery!

They ended up getting to know each other and later learnt they got along incredibly well. So much so that they were basically inseparable. The next three months were filled with long beach walks, road trips, and loads of wine – Gossips Moscato to be exact. Classy! This was due to Krystal’s preference towards sweet wine rather than beer or other dry wines.

A lot of lunch breaks were spent together as she worked not far from Daniel.

After the three intimate months, Daniel and Krystal moved in together. It was after they moved in that they started travelling together. Most of these trips were spent in Melbourne as they went to watch their football team compete. The other places were Queensland, Bali, Thailand and the Pacific Islands.

The rest is history…

Krystal had always told Daniel that the sunsets over South Arm Beach were the best as he was from Blackmans Bay and didn’t go to many other beaches. It was the 29th of January and the couple had decided to have a picnic on the beach… As the sun set over the hill Daniel lovingly proposed to Krystal, and of course, she said YES!

Little did they know there was a surprise to come, at the time of the proposal Krystal was in fact pregnant! A week after their picnic they found out she was pregnant with their beautiful son, Levi.

The two decided to surprise everyone at their engagement party with the news of the pregnancy, which contrary to their knowledge was actually planned on April Fool’s Day. The only people to know were immediate family and a few close friends.

The surprise was hidden from everyone else, including their grandparents. It was a big surprise for them, and it was a very special, loving moment for Krystal and Daniel to share with everyone.

Picture, if you will, a perfect summer’s evening, with the sun shining in every direction. That was the exact atmosphere of Krystal and Daniel’s wedding day.

All the guests travelled from Hobart to Peppermint Bay on the ferry with the bride and groom and arrived early that evening for Krystal and Daniel’s ceremony at 5:45 pm.

Krystal was a little late walking down the aisle, but their chosen piece of music was three minutes long which allowed them time for any emergencies.

During their ceremony, they were both asked to say what they loved most about each other.

Daniel: “The thing I love most about Krystal is that she is always thinking about pleasing me before herself. She puts my needs first. She is very thoughtful and shows love and care for our son. It feels like I have someone I can rely on, talk to about anything, and I feel loved, wanted, and cared about. It is as if she has me in her thoughts first and foremost. I love that and that is what has drawn me to her and kept us together.”

Krystal: “Dan’s caring gentle nature, he is always making sweet gestures. He is an amazing dad and watching him with Levi makes my heart swell. Every day when he leaves for work, he kisses me on the head to say goodbye. It’s the little things that make me love him more, I feel very wanted and loved.”

Krystal and Daniel’s wedding was themed Modern Shabby Chic, and was accessorised with bright floral arrangements. Shabby Chic is defined on Google as ‘a form of interior design where furniture and furnishings are either chosen for their age and signs of wear and tear or new items are distressed in order to achieve the appearance of an antique.’

The idea around their theme was to modernise vintage or old-fashioned furnishings. To give you a visual, their venue was lovingly decorated (by Nina from Style My Day) with hanging bunches of fresh gum leaves. Their cake was naked and embellished with gold leaf. The girl’s bouquets were mainly made with white and red/pink roses, white dahlias, red pincushions, and stems of gum leaves.

The girls were in a shade of nude/seashell while Krystal was wearing a gorgeous champagne coloured gown with beautiful white floral embroidery, and the men were in good-looking navy blue suits.

Every wedding has it’s highlights and hitches…as for Krystal and Daniel’s wedding, there were two main things that made their day. The first, their marriage – the two were incredibly happy to finally tie the knot! The second, their son Levi being a big part of their special day. As Krystal said, “It was just a really fun day.”

As for hitches, Krystal stated three minor troubles. Firstly, she was a little late walking down the aisle. Thankfully, no one noticed as the song they chose ran for three whole minutes which allowed time for any mistakes.

Secondly, the bride regrets not taking the time to breathe. She says, “My bridesmaids told Dan and I to go outside and enjoy a quiet moment. I was really happy they told me to do that.”

Lastly, the biggest hitch of the day – one of the bridesmaids had become ill only a few days before the big day and she ended up in the hospital! Not to worry though, she was released the morning of the wedding, left the hospital and went straight to where everyone was getting ready. From the bride’s mouth – she was literally a gun!

Krystal and Daniel were both kind enough to share some advice for other couples out there who intend to have a wedding.

“Write out a list of everything you would love to have and highlight the most important things. We worked within our budget to ensure we could have everything we had ever dreamt of. Another important thing is you to plan as much as you can to ensure that if anything goes wrong, you’re covered. But at the end of the day, you need to enjoy every moment as the day just goes so fast! Ensure you can get a videographer so you have that memory safe, and so you can re-watch things you might have missed.”

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