Larissa + Byron

The meeting

Larissa and Byron met at Kings Meadows High School, and became high school sweethearts during year ten. Larissa was just fifteen and Byron sixteen. Their relationship continued for many years after their schooling ended. Said Larissa, “He [Byron] certainly took his time in proposing marriage, but he finally asked me in Fiji after nine years. By the time we were married, we had been together for ten and a half years!” she said.

The wedding

Larissa and Byron’s outdoor ceremony was held at picturesque Honeymoon Bay, on Tasmania’s Freycinet Peninsula. “The days leading up to our wedding wasn’t the best weather, and the morning of the wedding was very overcast,” Larissa said. “A few guests said it had been raining on their way to the wedding. I was worried about the weather, but was just hopeful it wouldn’t rain. About half an hour before the ceremony began all the clouds disappeared and the sun came out. It actually was very hot and a few people got sunburnt. Nevertheless, we had the most perfect day. Very rarely on the East Coast do you get sun, no wind, no rain and a beautiful flat bay.”
As the location is so beautiful the pair decided they didn’t need a lot of decoration. “We used an arbor draped with fabric, and we also hung glass baubles and flowers from it. I had the aisle lined with flower balls hanging from shepherd hooks,” Larissa said. “It was all very beautiful.”
Larissa and Byron’s wedding theme was elegant, soft pinks, gold and lots of flowers. “Our wedding was formal,” said Larissa, “but the main thing for Byron and myself was that everyone was having fun, and I think we achieved that. We just wanted everyone to relax and enjoy themselves.”
“Our speeches were great, of course my Dad’s made me cry, as we are extremely close,” Larissa added. “Our best man was also the MC and had everyone laughing from the second he arrived in the room. He really set the vibe early.” Larissa and Byron had 65 guests at their wedding. “Each one meant something very special to us,” Larissa said. “The room was so filled with love and everyone was extremely happy that our day had finally arrived. I mean they were all pestering Byron about marriage more than me!” she said.

Highlights and hitches

“The highlight of the day – well it was the whole day!” Larissa said. “I wouldn’t change a thing. It was perfect in every possible way.”

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