Laura + Clinton

Clinton went to great lengths in order to create the perfect environment to propose marriage to Laura. His proposal came while Laura and Clinton were on holiday in Bali.

Wedding date: June 25, 2016

Photography: Ed Jones Photography

Venue: Quamby Estate

bride and groom walking on a hill side


Laura and Clinton met through mutual friends at a work function. Laura was working at the North West Private Hospital in Burnie as a registered nurse and midwife, and Clinton was based at the Rural Clinical School in Burnie as a student doctor.

On the night they met, Laura had been on a girl’s night out in Devonport, and on the way back to Burnie she decided to stop in at a function held by the Burnie Medical Society. Clinton also happened to be there, and the pair were eventually introduced by Laura’s best friend, Dayna. At the time Dayna was working as a nurse on the surgical ward where Clinton was completing his general surgery practical.

Once they were introduced, Laura and Clinton spent the rest of the night chatting. “I added him on Facebook later that night, and we have spoken every day since,” Laura said.

Portrait of a bride


Clinton went to great lengths in order to create the perfect environment to propose marriage to Laura. His proposal came while Laura and Clinton were on a family holiday in Bali with their daughter Hazel, who was then three and a half months old.

On the fourth night of their trip, Laura and Clinton were picked up by a driver to attend a surprise dinner that Clinton had arranged. After arriving at a bar area on the shores of Jimbaran Bay, Laura excused herself briefly to change Hazel, leaving Clinton sitting at their allotted table. On her way back to the table, a Balinese lady approached Laura with a letter. The letter had been hand-written by Clinton, and it asked Laura to follow the lady. Looking up to the bar area, Laura could see that Clinton was no longer sitting there.

“Although I was nervous about the possibility of being kidnapped!” exclaimed Laura. “I followed her with nervous anticipation for what would turn out to be one of the most amazing nights of my life,” she said.

“I was guided to a private tent at a secluded spot, looking out over the waves,” Laura said. “There was a musician there playing beautiful acoustic guitar, and a nanny stepped out and offered to take Hazel, who never goes to anyone, but went to her seemingly with ease,” Laura said.

“Clinton stepped out, dressed in his dinner suit, complete with a black bow tie, after having been in a T-shirt and jeans only ten minutes earlier!” she added. “He invited me to sit down, as we were served Champagne. We enjoyed several amazing food courses prepared by a private chef, and between each course, I was presented with another hand-written letter detailing Clinton’s feelings and thoughts about us at each of the major stages in our relationship. After main course, I was given a final letter, this one written by my grandfather, which detailed his delight at giving Clinton express permission to take my hand in marriage!” Laura said.

“Clinton, seeing my eyes tear up as I read the final sentence,  then knelt down on one knee and presented me with a ring while the musician played my favourite song. Overwhelmed and so in love, I said ‘Yes.’ This amazing night was captured by three photographers and one videographer,” Laura added.



Laura and Clinton were married on June 25, 2016. The couple’s original wedding date had been set for December 4, 2016. However, tragically, said Laura, “My beautiful mother was diagnosed with cancer in March 2016, so we decided to bring our wedding forward. Hence our wedding was put together in about eleven weeks. Unfortunately, my mum passed away seven weeks before our wedding.”

Laura and Clinton’s wedding was held at beautiful Quamby Estate in Hagley, where they had private use of the entire estate for their wedding. They were married outdoors under the large Hornbeam tree at Quamby Estate, which stands in front of a backdrop of rolling green hills. A path of white rose petals had been laid from the steps of the homestead to the tree. “Our styling company, Event Avenue had also hung a beautifully lit chandelier from the branches above us,” Laura said. “Together, we recited our own wedding vows and kissed to conclude the short, but incredible ceremony.”

Laura and Clinton’s reception was held in the pavilion at Quamby Estate, which had been decorated in pink and white. There was also live music provided in the form of a solo guitarist. Said Laura, “The food was provided by the Quamby catering team, and was incredible. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves – Clinton and I most of all.”






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