Let’s get this party started…

So you’ve got main course, drinks and speeches sorted – but what about the rest of your reception? How will you choose to entertain friends and family at your wedding? After all, no-one wants to bore their guests to tears.

However you choose to entertain your guests, try to keep things fun and be creative. There’s a lot you can do to liven up your reception. From a spot of croquet to circus performers.


Dance the night away

Everyone expects to get up and dance at a wedding reception. So make sure you’ve got enough space for a dance floor, a great band or DJ and a fun playlist.

If you have a mix of age groups, from grandparents through to young children, it’s best to go for a mix of the trendy and the tragic that will get everyone up and moving. Remember that sometimes the least trendy songs make for the best memories on the dance floor, so don’t try to be too cool with an obscure playlist that no one over the age of twenty would recognise.



If you have an outdoor wedding, and the weather is good then old-school games are likely to be popular. Revisit your childhood with games like bocce, croquet, hopscotch, a simple egg and spoon or a sack race.

Alternatively, spread some board games on the tables of your reception venue – it all helps to bring people together.

Keep kids happy with a room filled with games like a ping-pong or pool table, air hockey or video games.

Wedding Piñata

Create a colourful wedding piñata, but instead of filling it with lollies, ask your guests to fill it with notes, memorabilia and advice. Bash it open on your first anniversary and prepare for some hilarious or heartfelt reading material.


Photo Booths

There’s no denying that photo booths are a lot of fun – and, you end up with even more shots of your big day. Ask your guests to write a message on a chalkboard to appear in their photos. That way, you’ll have an added memento of people’s well wishes.

Time out zones

Creating a comfortable, stylish and cosy lounge or seated area is a great way to encourage guests to mingle and to keep them comfortable (especially older relatives and friends). A good lounge or seated area helps the flow of your wedding space, and it also gives you options to incorporate your wedding theme or colour palette – think vintage velvet lounges, or antique timber chairs with colourful cushions.

Dessert Stations

A dessert station wins on many fronts – it adds interest to your venue, it looks colourful, and it allows you to treat your wedding guests to a range of scrumptious desserts. Filled with sweet treats and delicacies, people will find all sorts of excuses to mingle around it.


Jugglers, guitarists, or circus performers. The right performer at the right wedding can add drama or fun. Of course, not all weddings will suit this kind of entertainment – fire dancers might not work so well at a traditional black tie wedding, but they could be just the thing to top off a more relaxed beach wedding.

Expecting children? Make their day and organise some expert face painters.

Food trucks

These days food trucks are popping up at community events everywhere. So think about bringing in a food truck for snacks or desserts with a difference.

There are food trucks serving just about anything – from tacos and coffee to Chinese dumplings. Though sometimes you can’t go past the classic Mr Whippy ice-cream truck for a summer wedding day filled with nostalgia – and chocolate topping!

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