Lou + Brett

The meeting

Lou and Brett met at a club, where Brett had to go above and beyond to get over the hurdle of Lou’s very protective best friend to exchange phone numbers. It took a few months before Brett was finally able to arrange a first date. The pair headed to a very elegant Hobart restaurant for dinner, and they’ve been inseparable ever since.

The proposal

After less than a year, Lou and Brett visited their favourite restaurant for dinner again. Brett had arranged for the couple to sit at the same table as they did on their first date, which Lou found coincidental. Brett also arranged for a singer to come in and play ‘their’ song which Lou also found coincidental. With Lou still having no inkling, Brett then got down on one knee and popped the question… much to Lou’s amazement!

The wedding

For Lou and Brett the day of their wedding was “just perfect.” “We loved everything about it, although [some] things went wrong on the day. You don’t care though”, said Lou. “We developed an attitude ‘of nothing could ruin our day!’”

Highlights and hitches

Lou’s and Brett’s favourite moment of the day was being announced as husband and wife during their reception and having everyone cheer their lungs out. “It was just awesome,” said Lou.

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