LucyandSam1Wedding date: 4 January 2014

Photography: Chelsea Parsons Photographer


While Sam and Lucy’s brother were friends at university, Lucy and Sam did not meet properly until they began working together. Enjoying a natural ease with one another, the pair became good friends until Lucy decided to travel.

Absence definitely made the heart grow fonder and when Lucy returned, romance with Sam blossomed.


After nervously hiding a beautiful ring for a month, Sam proposed to Lucy just after Christmas in 2012, during a romantic national park walk near Sam’s family home at Greens Beach.

The couple then celebrated with a family dinner, which Sam had previously organised under the disguise of a Christmas get-together.


Sam and Lucy were joined by 120 of their family and friends for their beautiful outdoor wedding ceremony, which was held at Hatherley House Gardens, in High Street, Launceston.

“Hatherley House gave us a beautiful garden setting that was very private and was unique from other ceremonies we had attended,” Lucy says. “We also stayed in one of their beautiful rooms for our wedding night.”

The ceremony was followed by a cocktail style reception for 90 guests at Stillwater, Launceston. The reception featured Tasmanian food and wine, something that was a major consideration for Sam and Lucy when they were planning their big day.

The couple were also keen on creating a relaxed and fun evening for all their guests to enjoy, something they happily achieved.

“It was the perfect space for friends to socialise and mingle all night,” says Lucy.


Both Lucy and Sam will never forget when their eyes first met as Lucy came down the aisle.

“Seeing each other for the first time on our wedding day was very special,” Lucy says. They also loved being introduced as Mr and Mrs Wesson, as well as walking into the reception venue and celebrating with their family and friends.

There were also many smiles when Sam’s niece Mary (who was going through a ‘no skirts or dresses’ phase) turned up with jeans on under her flower girl dress.

While less than perfect weather in the lead up to their big day and their plans for an outdoor wedding had the couple holding their breath, all went well in the end.

The only hiccup of the day was when Lucy lost a sapphire belonging to her grandmother, which had been attached to her bracelet. Miraculously the sapphire was located by Stillwater staff following the wedding.


• Work together.

• Make decisions and then move on, don’t dwell on them.

• Choose suppliers that you connect with and trust.

• Don’t try and do too much in the lead up to the day, relax and enjoy it. ❤

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