Lydia & Jake

Lydia and Jake’s beautiful wedding ceremony and reception were both held at the Ramada Resort in Seven Mile Beach on the 3rd of November, 2018.

Photography: Nina Scarlett Photography.

“Our whole day was magical, from the moment I woke up I was relaxed, not stressed and 4 pm could not come any faster!” Lydia says. “Walking down the aisle through 100 of our family members and closest friends to see the man I have loved for the past six years standing there with eyes all red and glassy, there are no words to describe the feeling I had. I could not wait to marry my best friend!”

Although throughout the stresses of their wedding day, Lydia says, “I was so relaxed and calm after our ceremony, I felt like a huge weight had been taken off my shoulders and I felt like I was newly in love all over again!”

The wedding was a success. Lydia says “I loved every minute of every part of our wedding, from finding everyone we needed to help us with our special day, down to decorating our venue and making sure everything was in place.”

Lydia provides some advice for any brides-to-be: “Don’t forget to breathe and take five minutes to yourself. As soon as the hair and makeup people arrive everything happens so quickly. Don’t stress, everything happens for a reason and most of the time there’s nothing to have stressed about in the first place.”

Lastly, Lydia states, “Enjoy every minute and definitely get a photographer and videographer. I feel like I missed out on so much of our day which was all captured by these amazing guys.”

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