Maja’s blog: the big day arrives

Watching the video it all seems so surreal. All I can say is that it was emotional. I do remember the emotions of extreme delirium from getting marrying, and shyness from all the attention, to anger for all the details that were not quite right. The rest I remember through the wedding video, photos and other people’s stories.

I remember that my loved ones were there, but it appears that on the day I wasn’t  — all there, that is. Parts of my personality disappeared; like the ability to keep calm and enjoy the moment. It felt as though I was still working and making sure everything was OK. Looking back at the video I don’t even think I look like me, I never knew what my side profile looked like before, but on your wedding day your moments get captured from every angle. Though my memory is hazy, there are some moments I cannot forget. One of my favourite moments was driving to the venue with my parents and being overwhelmed with happiness. Brad from Just Jaguars was so nice to us and kept me calm all the way, I think he changed the temperature three times on the way to keep me comfortable and when we arrived he held all my flowers until my team got me out of the car. I was so excited to see Josh that I almost ran down the aisle. The day came with plenty of hiccups. Firstly it rained. But I hear that rain is supposed to be lucky. As I arrived at the venue, so did a bright rainbow which I know is a good sign too. I realised that the day was more about the moment and the people instead of the missing details, and I really started to have a good time.

One of the best experiences was the photo shoot, as we got the chance to get away with our closest friends for a while and have a laugh and some time together. Our wedding party was huge, one of the biggest bridal parties our photographer had ever seen, and we are lucky to have such amazing friends who all have a great sense of humour, which really helped bring us back to earth. The speeches made me cry and I didn’t get off the dance floor. We did the kolo to some fantastic live music and I remember thinking “I am not fit enough for this, but I can’t get out of it as I am the bride”. Then just like that it seemed to be over and I just wanted to keep on dancing as my nerves had finally disappeared.

Now the planning is all over, life seems really strange. I have a husband and free weekends. And although a piece of me misses some of the buzz, I am glad that getting married is a once in a life time type of event. I can’t believe that after all the planning and running around, it was all over in a flash. But it is an experience that I have learned more from than any other in my life, and I highly recommend it as a relationship building experience. We both realised who really loved us. I also learned to voice my concerns — never before had I been able to say that I wasn’t happy with particular services and cancel my appointments, without any guilt or shame but now I have no problems.

For those of you still in the planning stages, I do have some words of wisdom. Plan early — do as much as you can, as early as possible and leave the last week for beauty appointments and nothing else. Don’t worry about the way you look too much, you will be surprised what hair and make-up covers. Also make sure that you do what you want and keep your wedding as simple as you possibly can. The day after the wedding you will realise that people did not even notice that any of their wishes were granted, the night goes too quickly to squeeze too much in, so do what you want. Lastly run away for five minutes with your new husband, have a drink and soak it all up as you will never get the chance to do so again.

So the role coaster ride is over and I would like to thank our beautiful bridal party and family for getting us here in one piece and to all who have read my journey. I am off now to answer questions about married life and avoid questions about babies. I hope that your day is absolutely perfect and everything you want it to be. If you would like to ask me any questions you can do so by writing an inbox message on Bride Tasmania’s Facebook page, otherwise I will see you at the Bride’s Day Out Wedding Exhibition at Wrest Point in June!



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Maja's Wedding

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