Red Wedding Theme Ideas for a Romantic Big Day

There are two kinds of people in this world. The ones who have known exactly what their wedding day is going to look like since they were 14, and then there are the ones who have absolutely no idea what they want!  If you belong to the latter group, this article will introduce you to the passion and vibrancy of a red wedding theme.

red wedding theme

Thinking of colour scheming your wedding? Great, let’s kick off our colour theming inspo’ with the most popular wedding colour – the bold and passionate red.

We will feature other colour combos down the track, but for the time being, let’s go with a red wedding theme.

Think of love and passion and the first colour that comes into most peoples’ minds is red. It’s bold, rich, romantic and well …. there’s definitely nothing subtle about it. This is why a red wedding theme is one of the more popular colour schemes that couples choose for their big day.

Below we have shared some of our favourite red inspirational ideas. From the fiery and saturated, to the lustful and passionate. Red definitely makes a bold statement. Enjoy!

red wedding theme
Photos of Red Wedding Themes

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