My Day Not Theirs!

“It is my wedding day, not the guests’!”

Insights on How Important it is to Satisfy your Guests: How not to let them stab you in the back

Engagement Session

You just got engaged!

This makes you go booming with excitement, but your thoughts are whizzing 100 kilometres per hour.

Shortly, wedding planning starts. You need to have a list of guests to invite; find the best venue to book; conceptualize the wedding theme and the dress code, and choose the menu.


It is YOUR day and all you can think about is how happy you will be. Everything is going to be perfect and all of your dreams are going to come true.

In other words, nothing is going to get in the way of your perfect day!

Throughout this process, the contentment of your guests is one absolutely important thing that might slip your mind.


A lot of people argue that it is THEIR day and nothing will get in the way of having a fabulous time; thus, the happiness of their guests is dismissible.

However, for a wedding to be successful and disaster-free, you need to allow room in your planning for guest satisfaction.


Think about it: You don’t want your mother-in-law—sitting opposite one of your crazy sisters—to feed the guests with unseemly details.

Worse than that, you don’t want your digressive grandmother to sit across one of your fiancé’s shy friends. Talk about awkward!

So you may be thinking, “They should just get over it and ignore their transgressions because it is my day…”

but what if something dramatic happens and ruins it?

Here are a few guest-focused things to keep in mind while going through your wedding planning process:


  • Financial state


  • Size of the family and ages of the family members


  • Behaviour and entertainment of young family members, if applicable

Jordyn Cleverly surprises her grandmother Penny Jenson by wearing her old wedding dress.

  • Medical issues


  • Accessibility requirements


  • Dietary requirements

What will you be expecting from your guests? Will they have any responsibilities? Does your dream venue satisfy yours and your guests’ needs?

There is a lot to think about.

It is your day, but there will be guests there.

While some things are out of your control, don’t let a lack of planning—or a lack of care for your guests be the catalyst for disaster.


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