Nine PERFECT Winter Wedding Outfits!❄️

Choosing something stylish to wear to a wedding is hard at the best of times. Add in some gushing wind or freezing cold rain and you’ve got yourself a dilemma. Whether you’re the mother of the bride, the best friend, a regular guest, or a plus one, dressing for winter events is a lot harder than dressing for summer ones. A slip dress just isn’t going to work this time!

You may have a variety of standard party dresses, and they might be fine in spring, but heading into winter it’s harder to find the perfect outfit! Whether you’re after a sparkly dress, something with jewel tones (any colours that resemble those of gemstones, such as, amethyst, emerald, or ruby), or something with a floral print, the options for wedding dresses are infinite! So, what do you do?

The main thing you should keep in mind about winter wedding guest dressing is that anything goes — so long as you’re warm. Want to wear that mini dress you’ve been hiding in the closet for months? Go for it, just pair it with some stockings! Want to wear floral print? No worries, but choose wisely; sleeves are your best friend! While your usual summery dresses may not be suitable for a winter wedding, throwing over a faux fur jacket might be the answer.

Much to other people’s dismay, it’s perfectly acceptable to wear a coat to a winter wedding — you have to be warm, so prioritise your comfort over other people’s judgement! Make sure you choose one that is easy to put on, easy to move in and practical for wind and rain, so avoid fabrics like denim. As always, avoid wearing white and make sure you’re wearing comfortable shoes. Boots are fine, but pretty them up with some elegant florals or a delicate pattern. Otherwise, closed toe mules (backless, closed-toe shoes) or heels will suffice. Another thing to remember – use your accessories! While a coat may hide your dress, accessories will give you that conspicuous extra bling you desire, therefore they shouldn’t be left unnoticed.

Below there are 9 wedding guest dress outfits that are IN this season.

1. Florals are an option

You can wear floral printed dresses with a little help from metallic undertones and boots. As you can see below, the metallic red clutch works really well with the green and red floral dress!

2. Velvet always works

The ultimate winter fabric, a long-sleeved velvet dress is an easy way to look gorgeous without getting chilly.

3. Suit up

Perfect for a black tie or cocktail dress code, a simple tailored suit can make the perfect winter wedding outfit. Paired with simple pumps and statement bag you’ll be good to go!

4. Knit yourself up

A long sleeve knit dress made from fine wool or complete with a high neck is a great way to stay on the dress code.

5. Faux fur is possible

Faux fur jackets are a must this winter, so layer a statement jacket on top of a casual dress for a sophisticated look.

6. Play around with lengths

Texture and length are also great for winter weddings. You could opt for a cocktail dress shape with sleeves in a floral print for an unexpected look!

7. Cover up

Stockings will work — just be sure to go with something opaque rather than pure black.

8. Pop in a bit of colour

Wearing a suit? Make it pastel. Wearing a long skirt? Make it vibrant!  Apart from being warm, it’ll place a little colour into the ceremony!

9. Heavier fabrics are a winner!

Heavier fabrics in metallic or deep shades are always a safe way to go! Layer on a coat over the top and you’ll be set.

So now you’re full of inspiration, it’s time to try on some outfits! Be sure to browse our wedding and formal wear suppliers if you don’t already have something suitable in the wardrobe.

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