Non-traditional wedding gowns

The classic white wedding dress always looks amazing, but they’re not the only option. If you’re a bride to be who is more inclined towards a creative, fashion-forward bridal look, why not opt for a different shade of wedding gown? Or better yet, a different length, or a more sleek style of gown?


Pink satin and tulle gown above:

Non-traditional wedding gowns bring diversity, vibrancy and personality to any wedding, and they’re great for the bride who wants to make a statement. Another advantage (depending on the style of gown) is that they may be able to be worn again, and they may be less prone to stains.

So consider taking the road less-travelled, and choose a non-white wedding gown, separates, or a custom-designed bridal look. Here’s a roundup of our favourite non-traditional dresses to inspire you.


Black + white gown above: Vera Wang


Blush satin gown above:


Tea length chiffon gown above: Pinterest


Black + white ombre gown above: Deer Pearl Flowers


Sage green embroidered gown above: Pinterest


Short lace gown above: Pinterest


White lace insert gown above:


Image above:


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