3 tips for planning perfect outdoor wedding ceremonies

Heading into the great outdoors for your nuptials? It pays to keep these three things in mind when planning outdoor weddings. Article by Emma Krieger. Photos: Linda Pasfield Photography

outdoor weddings

From beaches and wineries, to farms and formal gardens, Tasmania has some spectacular locations for outdoor weddings.

But holding your ceremony outside will present some challenges that indoor nuptials won’t. Here are three things you must keep in mind when booking an outdoor venue.

Think of the time of day

When deciding what time of day you’d like to hold your ceremony, do your photographer a big favour and consider the light. For an hour or so after sunrise, and before sunset, natural light takes on a lovely red hue, and a romantic softness that’s ideal for photography.

Holding your nuptials in the middle of the day, when the sun is highest in the sky, can mean unflattering light and harsh shadows – so if this time is your only option, seek out an area of open shade for your ceremony, or create your own shade with a marquee.

outdoor weddings

Consider your guests

Catering for your guests’ comfort starts with ensuring there are adequate chairs available, but you can take things up a notch or two with some clever touches.

If you’ve opted for a beach ceremony in the height of summer, why not provide bottles of chilled water and sunscreen, or hand out colourful parasols so guests can have some shade?

Get the jump on pesky wedding crashers – mosquitos and flys – by arming your guests with insect repellent on arrival.

And for weddings held during the cooler months, have beautiful cashmere ponchos or throws for guests to wrap themselves in should the temperature take an unexpected dive.

outdoor weddings

Have a backup plan

While we all dream of the perfect weather to complement our special day, sometimes Mother Nature has other plans, and our beautiful state can often be unpredictable.

Ensure you have a backup plan should the storm clouds make an appearance and try not to let it ruin an otherwise perfect day. With a solid backup plan, you may even come to love the dramatic, moody tones of your wet-weather wedding photographs, and be glad Mother Nature didn’t cooperate!


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