Personalise your wedding rings

Engraving a special date, love note or your names onto your wedding rings is a long-held tradition that can make your ring extremely personal as others often don’t know you have your ring engraved.

It’s not surprising then that couples choose this extra-personalised option when buying their wedding rings.


When to have it done

The best time to have your ring engraved is as the ring is being made. However, there’s no problem with having it done at a later date. This is particularly the case if you also want to have your engagement ring engraved too.

What to put on your ring

While many people opt to have their partner’s name or both their names inscribed on the inside band, the wedding date is another popular route to take – and means your spouse will never forget your anniversary! Typically couples opt for: the date and the name of their partner, each other’s nicknames, the wedding date separated with each other’s birthstone as the dots (for example 28∙02∙17), a memorable quirky line (such as ‘A Whole New World’ or ‘Ever Thine, Ever Mine, Ever Ours’, even the name of the song you first danced to). Other ideas may be to include the infinity symbol, Roman numerals, short love notes or extracts from poems, or you or your partner’s fingerprints.

Whatever you decide, it’s important not to go for something fashionable, but to go for something timeless and meaningful. Ultimately, you’ll want this gesture to be romantic and last forever.



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