Picking your perfect wedding date

wedding dateFollow Bride Tasmania’s guide for selecting your perfect wedding date.

Time of year

First you will want to consider the time of year for various reasons. Weather is a big factor for some, particularly when selecting a date during the unpredictable weather seasons like autumn or winter. Also consider if a particular season will form the basis of your overall wedding theme.

Meaningful dates

Second, weddings are full of sentimental feelings and can reference many milestones in your relationship. A great way to add even more special meaning to your wedding is to select a date that holds particular significance. For example, dating anniversaries, birthdays, parents’ anniversaries or holidays.

Length of your engagement

Finally, the amount of time that you wish to be engaged should play a considerable part in choosing your wedding date. Some brides dream of long engagements which offer plenty of time to plan the perfect day, while others look forward to a shorter engagement. The length of your engagement will also be influenced by the time of year you wish to have your wedding.


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