6 easy steps to plan your wedding reception

Ready to set your wedding reception plans into motion but unsure where to start? Help is at hand! Article by Emma Krieger.

Planning your wedding reception can seem like a herculean task, but we’ve managed to make it simple with this easy six-step guide.

1. Outline your budget

Make a time to discuss this with your partner, and agree on a figure that’s not going to keep either of you up nights. From there, deduct 10% and work off this lower number, and make some compromises early on if need be. As the big day approaches, you’ll be glad you allowed a little wriggle room for those surprise expenses that inevitably crop up.

2. Set the date and book your venue

Decide which is most important: Your ideal date or your dream venue. If it’s the former, hit the phones and start narrowing down venues based on availability. Otherwise, take your time and visit as many venues as you can, until you find one that feels just right.

3. Decide on your theme

Enchanted forest or romantic garden party? Vintage boho or winter wonderland? For minimum fuss, choose a theme that works in naturally with your venue and ensure that the major elements – décor, stationery, flowers, cake, bridal party attire – all tie into it.

4. Plan the feeding format

Depending on your venue, you might be limited to a traditional sit-down reception, or a cocktail affair. But where possible, try to think outside the box: Picnics and grazing stations are two perfect examples of creative dining options, which have been gaining popularity. Don’t forget dietary requirements, and add a personal touch by including some of your favourite foods – you’ll be glad you did!

5. Assign the seating

If you do decide to opt for a formal three-course sit-down meal for your guests, drawing up a seating plan can seem daunting. Your best bet is to enlist your partner’s help, and tackle this job early – preferably over a glass of wine.

6. Phone a friend

Don’t be afraid to ask for help! Get together with your maid of honour, or mother-in-law-to-be and create a running sheet for the day. Have you allowed enough time to transition from one stage of the day to the next, and included some breaks to stop and enjoy the day? What have you forgotten? Is there anything you could add for a touch of fun?

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