Planning the perfect vintage wedding

When it comes to your wedding theme, old-world vintage is one of the most romantic options to consider. Here are some novel ideas to channel this popular theme for every era.

vintage weddings1920s: Embrace the era of the Roaring ’20s with the flapper look. Think dropped-waist dress styles with plunging necklines, ornate headdresses and long pearl necklaces. Have a jazz band playing at the reception and arrange for your photographer to set up an old-time-photo studio where guests can have 1920s snapshots taken.

1930s: As revellers searched for distractions from the Great Depression, this era’s fashion was inspired by Hollywood glamour. Go for curve-accentuating dresses with luxurious textures and don Art Deco jewellery. The 30s was also the golden era of the lindy hop – a type of swing dancing. Why don’t you and your groom-to-be surprise guests by preparing a dance routine for the reception?

1940s: Wartime rationing called for simple designs, so opt for a slim fitting suit or a drop shoulder slender fit satin dress with full length gloves and even a hat with a netted face veil. Swing was huge at the time so go all out with a big brass band!

1950s: Ultra-feminine styles were the “in” thing in the ’50s, represented best by Dior, with full skirts, rounded shoulders and a very emphasised waist. Incorporate polka dots, stripes and ribbons into your invites, arrive at your wedding nuptials in a Cadillac or a 50s-style car and try novel ideas like a jukebox as well as a rock ‘n’ roll band and set up a soda fountain for guests.

1960s: Wedding attire was influenced by the über fashionable Jacqueline Kennedy, and featured A-line dresses with three quarter length sleeves or lacked sleeves in favour of formal gloves. To really channel this groovy era, use lava lamps as table centrepieces, scatter love beads and daisies at place settings and serve Champagne in a coupe – the shallow, broad-bowled, stemmed glass that was the glass of choice during the 60s.

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