Tag: wedding gowns

Dec 03
Your wedding dress fitting: Expert Q&A

Congratulations! There is nothing more satisfying than the moment when you finally…

Apr 22
Choosing the perfect wedding gown for your shape

From ball gowns to empire cut, there are many different styles of wedding gowns…

Dec 11
Choosing your wedding gown

Arguably, for many brides, the most important element of their wedding day is “The…

Oct 20
Choosing the perfect bridal lingerie: Expert advice

With so many gorgeous designs to choose from,

Oct 17
14 tips to help rein in a blown-out wedding budget

It's no secret that weddings can be a costly affair. From the reception venue down…

Oct 09
The most influential wedding gowns of all time

In 1840, Queen Victoria broke royal wedding tradition when she walked down the…

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