12+ Months Out Digital Guide


Section 3 of Weddings Tasmania Edition 34 (Digital) is your “over 12 months out handbook” with everything you will need to think about when you’re over 12 months out from your wedding. This is a fillable PDF which means you can fill it out with Adobe Acrobat and keep your digital notes organised.

– Things to do 12 Months out (Planning Worksheet)
– The Gown (Planning Worksheet)
– The Attendants (Planning Worksheet)
– City Venues (Inspiration Lookbook)
– Country and Wilderness Venues (Inspiration Lookbook)
– Country and Wilderness Venues (Inspiration Lookbook)
– The Ultimate Guide to Handling your Wedding Day (Article continued from section 1)
– Vineyard Venues (Inspiration Lookbook)
– Waterview Venues (Inspiration Lookbook)
– How to Plan a Wedding your Guests will love (Article)
– Marriage Celebrants (Directory)
– Memories (Photography Inspiration Lookbook)
– Catering (Inspiration Lookbook)

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