Sarah + Sam

The meeting

Sarah and Sam had known one another for a long time due to similar lifestyles and activities. However, it wasn’t until Sarah’s family joined the Tasmanian Lighthorse a few years ago (of which Sam was a member), that the pair really had the opportunity to get to know one another. “Sam used to pick up my lease horse and take it to our training days,” said Sarah. “We had plenty of time to chat and get to know one another better. Until then we were simply acquaintances, but it only took one float drive for us to realise how much we had in common! We’ve both struggled with finding people who understood us, and we found complete understanding within one another. We are one another’s best friends,” she said

The wedding

Sarah and Sam’s wedding ceremony was held St George’s Anglican Church in Battery Point. Early on in their relationship, Sam had told Sarah there was a church with unusual architecture that he wanted to show her. “Little did we expect that one day it would be our wedding venue!” said Sarah. “The beautiful heritage exterior of the church was indicative of our mutual love for history and pretty much anything old fashioned,” she said. “While the grand size of the venue meant that we were able to accommodate all the people we wanted. I think in the end about 220-240 people were able to witness the ceremony.”
Sarah and Sam’s reception was held in a church hall in Ranelagh. “It is a lovely little weatherboard country hall near my family home, with polished wooden floor boards and white and green weatherboard walls,” Sarah said. “We had a rustic/vintage theme at our wedding, with a green/gold/ivory colour scheme, so we hung lace doily bunting and fairy lights from the roof, and scattered jars of freshly picked flowers around. It was a light lunch/afternoon tea affair, instead of the usual sit-down dinner, as Sam and I had to drive for a few hours afterwards and there were quite a few children attending,” she said. “The children were all well looked after,” Sarah said. They enjoyed a jumping castle outdoors, and Sam’s Mum had even hand-made ‘showbags’ for them (featuring a custom-made colouring book with pictures of the bridal party).

Highlights and hitches

The biggest highlight of the day for Sarah was marrying her best friend! Second to that was the way in which their families helped Sarah and Sam out. “We had a small budget,” said Sarah. “But we had so much love and help. From the many evenings around the table with the whole family helping to create orders of service, to my sister-in-law who made the bridesmaids’ dresses – the entire wedding day was a reflection of our families’ love and care,” she said.

Said Sarah, ”We were lucky to get away without any major hitches at all. Of course the weather decided to play up, despite it being summer, and the morning saw snow on a nearby peak. Luckily the rain pretty much held off, but there were a few chilly moments in our photoshoot. The poor bridesmaids were snuggled up in shawls between shots!”
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