Spreading autumn cheer makes for a lively wedding up-do!

Pinterest to the rescue once again! Here are a few ways to embrace mother-nature for your special day.

Autumn is a time to spread merriment with all kinds of colourful festivities. Viewing the outdoors in Autumn is typically like looking at a sea of vibrant reds, oranges, yellows and browns. Yes. Brown. What naturally comes to thought? Dirt? Tree trunks? Mud? Faeces? Animal fur? All those natural substances no one really likes to think of.

Twist the idea around and you can create masterpieces with these colours! Brown can be expressed through chocolate on your cake, complimentary truffles, textured rugs to cover the plain floors, fancy patterned curtains that cosy up the place, rustic tree branches for table runners, or wooden seats to tribute to the autumn feel.

Speaking of rustic tree branches, I’m currently a maid of honour for someone very special in my life, and having this job consists of many things. The most occurring question I’m being asked is “What are your thoughts on this?” The bride-to-be recently showed me a table piece she’s going to use with the intent of pairing it with gum leaves. Quite stunning and so easy!

As you can see she’s also incorporated tea lights into the branches to add a bit of candle light to the tables.

For safety purposes you could substitute tea light candles with any type of candle in glasses or tins! Maybe even try scented ones to ‘set the mood’. If you don’t want any open flames you can purchase battery operated fake candles which actually appear just as authentic.

Now, during your wedding planning you may face some issues with coming up with ideas… or maybe you have TOO many ideas. Either way, that’s normal.

Naomi Shaw has created this guide with a load of creative do’s and responsible don’ts while planning your autumn wedding. We’ve slightly modified her suggestions to make them more applicable to Tassie weddings.

DO have a backup plan for adverse weather.
If your reception is planned to take place indoors but the weather is quite good, perhaps request some arrangement to get your guests outside. Likewise, if your reception is planned to take place outdoors but the weather turns bad, make sure you have prepared a ‘just in case’ set up.

DO make use of natural autumn scenery.
Perhaps get your photographer to take some beautiful shots of you in front of some foliage to add to the festive theme and the scene’s authenticity.

DO provide blankets or scarves for guests to wrap around them and keep warm – especially important for Tassie weddings!
If you think a few of your guests might be likely to get the chills, purchase some scarves or blankets that compliment your bridal party’s outfits and place them around the site for easy access.

DO offer hot drinks to keep your guest’s insides warm and palettes deliciously pleased.
Maybe provide bottomless mugs of hot tea/coffee/ cocoa/apple cider/mulled wine from a drink station.

DO let them taste autumn.
Serve the crown autumn themed cake and desserts. Apple cider donuts, dried apple crisps, carrot cake topped with cream cheese frosting, chocolate pumpkin mousse or tiered baked sweet potato pie, to name a few.

DO talk to some of the amazing stylists that are with Weddings Tasmania.
You can find them here.


DON’T be afraid to negotiate with venues.
Autumn may be a popular wedding season but don’t give up hope, never be afraid to ask the venue of your dreams for availability. They may be able to squeeze you in.

DON’T schedule your wedding day during popular autumn sporting events such as…
…football, car racing, marathons or rugby. You may be facing a special day that doesn’t get all the attention you’d dreamed of. Some of the guys might be coerced into watching the game instead of enjoying the festivities you provided.

DON’T feel obligated to stay away from white.
Many brides opt for a cream, ivory or off-white dress instead of pure white. If you find a dress in these colours that appeal to your style and taste go for it.

DON’T leave comfort foods off the menu.
Autumn is the time for hearty and filling comfort foods such as; beef casseroles, chicken pies, roasts, mashed potatoes and baked veggies.

DON’T forget the roses.
Autumn coloured rose bouquets, beautifully arranged rose centrepieces or rose petals for the flower girl to sprinkle around are all great additions. Why roses? For starters, they are widely known for their romantic significance. Roses are also available in a variety of colours.

DON’T choose a wedding venue with an all dirt ground.
If it rains at the venue which has a dirt ground, you are doomed. It will create mud and splatter all over your perfect dress and also be quite dangerous for all those lovely ladies in high heels.

DON’T overlook the opportunity to book your dream honeymoon.
International air travel is often more affordable in the autumn.

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