Stephanie & Clinton

The meeting

Clinton and I first met around 10 years ago through Rural Youth (some call it Tasmania’s biggest dating agency!) I was turning 21 and Clinton was turning 19. I remember thinking that he was a nice young man, but far too young for me, so I packed my bags and went overseas for 12 months.

Clinton reappeared when I returned, and the rest as they say is history!

The proposal

After almost eight years of dating, two houses, two dogs and a cat later, Clinton finally succumbed to the pressure and proposed. I thought it might be coming, and each weekend I would wait patiently. But Clinton had other ideas. He wrote it on the back of his muddy work truck, which I walked past in haste on a Wednesday morning before work.  He told me I had waited long enough so he thought he better not make me wait any longer!

Clinton & StephanieThe wedding

For me, waiting that long, and with Summer coming, I wasn’t waiting any longer. So we immediately got started planning the wedding.

We knew we wanted Bill and Caroline from Tasmanian Gourmet Kitchen to do the catering, so the date was dictated by their availability, which was ultimately set for January 17, 2015.

I had discussed with my parents that I would like a marquee on the farm and we then selected the only paddock with the view of the mountains that dad didn’t need to grow a crop on that season.

A few weeks later mum had seen a photo of a B&S ball in the middle of a wheat crop. We agreed that it looked great and dad went to buy the seeds. But, he could only get a miniature variety and we wanted some height for impact.

Clinton & StephanieNext minute dad phones, “I’ve had a great idea” he says. I’m going to plant sunflowers! He counted out the days of optimal flowering. They were planted and Mum and Dad spent the next few months tending to their every need. They woke at 2am and lit hay bales to cover the valley in smoke to protect them from unseasonal frost, and they weeded them by hand and watered them. They also had the job of keeping the surprise back drop, just that – a surprise.

About two weeks before the wedding one flower appeared. The happiest day of Mum and Dad’s lives I think – their hard work was paying off! The next two weeks saw the rest of the flowers bloom.

Our whole wedding was achieved with the help of our fabulous family and friends. We made the bridal table backdrop, the table settings, decorated the church and the marquee and we even made our own bouquets and button holes.

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