The average cost of an Australian wedding in 2018

Ever wondered what the average cost of an Australian wedding is? Well, prepare yourself as we share the results from a survey conducted by Wedded Wonderland, one of Australia’s biggest bridal sites.

Photo: Love Jennifer – Photography by Jennifer Skabo

In the survey of 515 women, it was revealed the average amount of money Australian women spend on wedding dresses alone in 2018 is $5,180 – a 29.5 per cent increase since 2017, where the figure was $4,000. And Australian couples are spending more on weddings overall – $51,245 in 2018 compared to a 2017 average of $48,624.

Wedded Wonderland’s founder and director Wendy El Khoury puts it down to “… a particular focus on style, personalisation and experience. Brides and Grooms today are using their wedding as a platform to express their relationship personality; wanting to impress, indulge, and create unforgettable memories.”

Read the rest of the survey here:

Engagement Ring: $10,423

Florals/Styling: $6,704

Hair: $515

Makeup: $475

Bridesmaid Dresses: $929

Cake: $990

Entertainment: $2,514

Groom’s Suit: $1,834

Groomsmen Suits: $1,087

Videographer: $3,507

Photographer: $3,611

Transport: $828

Venue: $21,250

Honeymoon: $8,547

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