Top 10 wedding beauty hacks

Make light work of your beauty prep in the lead up to your big day with these simple – yet highly effective – wedding beauty hacks.

wedding beauty hacks

Tip #1: A tropical honeymoon calls for a bikini-worthy body. Eliminate the hassle of waxing and shaving with laser hair removal. Laser treatment targets each hair follicle, killing the root – ensuring you’re fuzz free forever.

Tip #2: Get a million dollar smile with a professional teeth-whitening treatment like Brite Smile. The procedure takes just over an hour, where a gentle hydrogen-peroxide whitening gel is applied, then activated by a special, patented “blue light” – guaranteeing you’ll walk out with super bright whites.

Tip #3: Have your hair coloured approximately one week before your wedding day to allow your colour to “settle” and also ask for a conditioning treatment to add shine to your tresses.

Tip #4: Exfoliate and moisturise your body regularly in the lead up to the big day to prepare your skin for fake tan application – a must for glowing brides.

Tip #5: Have regular facials in the weeks before your wedding to make sure your skin is in top condition, eliminating the chance of a stress breakout on the day.

Tip #6: Want cost-effective wedding beauty hacks? Slather on a nourishing balm like Lucas’ Papaw Ointment on lips daily to keep your pout in top condition.

Tip #8: Have your eyelashes tinted to open up your peepers – also great for when you’re away on honeymoon and make-up application is the last thing on your mind!

Tip #9: Have your brows professionally shaped. Adding a slight arch will open up your eyes and balance your features.

Tip #10: Keep nails in peak condition with regular salon manicures and a daily application of a nail treatment like OPI’s Nail Envy, which strengthens dry and brittle nails. Also regularly apply a hand cream to smooth and hydrate your hands.

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