Unique ideas for your wedding guest book

Wedding guest books have come a long way in recent years. No longer are they simply plain old books left at the entrance to your reception for guests to sign at will. We have eight inspiring ideas to vamp up your reception!

Let your creativity shine with these unique ideas.

1. Have your guests sign wine bottles, each of which represents a marriage milestone (your 1st, 5th, 10th and 25th wedding anniversaries).

2. If you or your future spouse loves music, then consider asking guests to sign your favourite musical instrument. Popular choices are guitars and violins.

3. Are you both keen surfers and planning a tropical destination wedding? Why not use a surfboard as your novel guest book?

4. Hire a friend or local artist to create a custom piece of artwork to display at your wedding for guests to sign.

5. Ever since vintage themed weddings became popular polaroid cameras have become a mainstay. Guests can snap their photo, sign it and glue it into your guest book.

6. If you’re thinking something a little summery, paint or print a tree trunk without leaves, the guests can dip their finger or thumb in ink and fill your tree with leaves! The end result can be hung on a wall for decoration.

7. Perhaps you’re more into keeping your memories online rather than keeping an attic full of photo albums and books- set up an instagram hashtag and get your guests to share all their lovely candid photos!

8. Customisable puzzle-piece guest books are becoming a popular choice at weddings. some companies produce custom-made puzzles made from quality materials you can keep forever. Each guests signs a piece of the puzzle so by the time the puzzle is complete you have a beautiful masterpiece.

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