Wedding guests: Don’t be a dick on the big day!

So what’s the protocol for wedding guests these days? 

Wedding guests: Don’t be a dick on the big day!

According to Cosmopolitan magazine, it’s simple all you wedding guests to-be – just don’t be a dick! 

“Your best friend’s 30th, your sister’s graduation, your own birthday party… totally fine to be a dick. But the one place you absolutely, definitely, categorically can NOT be even the tiniest little piece of a dick is a wedding. Any wedding. Even your ex’s,” says the magazine in a recent online article.

The article goes on to list nine ways in which wedding guests could commit the ultimate faux pas of “being a dick” on a couple’s wedding day, including: 

  1. Wearing white – we all know that’s for the bride (and occasionally the bridesmaids) only.
  2. Airing your personal opinions on the pitfalls of marriage, including any anti same-sex marriage thoughts you may have. Not cool.
  3. Getting falling-down drunk. Not only could you commit even more social blunders by being sozzled, it’s also in poor taste to empty the bar. 
  4. Bringing along an uninvited “plus one”. Couples carefully plan and budget for a certain number of guests so don’t show up with a tagalong.
  5. Attending with an ex of the bride or groom – who wants to revisit history on their wedding day?
  6. Being overly snap happy with your iPhone and getting in the way of the photographer – move out the road so the professional can do their job!
  7. Submitting over the top dietary requests – no one cares about your latest foodie fad – don’t overcomplicate the catering for the couple.
  8. Refusing to get into the spirit of the occasion by having a whirl around the dance floor. 
  9. …and if you do hit the dance floor, inappropriately pashing someone or even starting a fight. Keep it tidy people!

So brides- and grooms-to-be… feel free to send this article onto your would-be wedding guests to ensure they toe the line on your wedding day!

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