Wedding Nightmares: ‘Enchanted Films’ fined $15,000 for wedding scams

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Photographer Mohammad Amir—the creator of the businesses ‘Enchanted Films and Dyno Media in Perth, WA—gets fined for wedding shoot scams, after failing to complete multiple wedding shoot projects.

After accepting four separate payments for work, and failing to supply within the allotted time, Amir pleaded guilty in Perth Magistrates Court.

Overall, the court ordered Amir to pay $15,000 for supplying wedding photos and videos several months overdue. He was fined $4,500; and he had to pay a sum of $5,650 to three couples, alongside an additional $5,000 for court costs.

Consumer Protection

Commissioner for Consumer Protection David Hillyard said: “The couples were promised their photos and videos within three months, so it’s totally unacceptable for them to have to wait much longer, and in one case, still waiting after three years.”

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Amir’s job-scams history:

  • December 2014:
    • Charged $1100, supplied edited video eight months later.
  • August 2015:
    • Charged $4700, no photo album provided, supplied video one year later, and raw photos and video 10 months later ($650 partial compensation).
  • November 2015:
    • Charged $2500, no edited or raw video supplied almost three years later ($2500 full compensation).
  • December 2015:
    • Charged $2500, edited video not supplied, only raw footage ($2500 full compensation).

As you can see, Mohammed Amir does not have an excellent record of reliable photography events.

For you to not become one of the unlucky couples above, you can take a look at a complete guide that Mike Allebach has on his website. Allebach is a couple boudoir photographer from North Wales, Pennsylvania.

Here are a few pointers to avoid getting lured into fraudtographer’s scams

1. Meet the photographer in person

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Neil van Niekerk is a well-known photographer in New Jersey who specialises in portrait, wedding, and boudoir photography. Niekerk says “A photographer’s website is a glimpse into their style, but the truth comes out when you meet them in person.” “Get a sense of who they are, their confidence, and their sample albums.” The appearance, attitude, and ambience of a person all determine what kind of person they are, so get on the phone or e-mail them to set up a meeting arrangement!

2. Ask for references

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Jessica Lark, the author of ‘Elegant Boudoir Photography: Lighting, Posing, and Design for Exquisite Images’ says “For the sake of safety as well as quality, I think it’s important for clients to research their potential photographers, ask for references, and take their time in making a selection. As with all things, you get what you pay for. In most cases, these fauxtographers have no insurance; they make little money, and there are no real means of reimbursement for your troubles.”

3. Consult with your wedding planner

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Wedding planners usually have good relationships with trusted wedding vendors. Trusting your planner’s instincts is a good start to finding a reliable photographer.

4. Google the photographer’s name

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By Googling potential photographers, you can see how legitimate they actually are and how reliable they are based on reviews. Thus, get to know them before you hand them any money!

Subsequently, Hillyard suggested that clients should first agree on an allotted time frame before investing in a wedding photographer. She further suggested paying by credit card to have an option of requesting a refund from undelivered services.

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Given these points, all you newlyweds out there do not deserve to feel stressed when you should be enjoying your new life together…

So to all of the brides-to-be and groom-to-be, do your utmost best in researching before you settle on a photographer.

We hope you find these ideas helpful in looking for the best photographer for your big day. We know you deserve to have the best photos of your once-in-a-lifetime moments. Good luck with your search!

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