Wedding reception advice: Henry Jones Art Hotel

KatherineHallidayToday we chat with Katherine Halliday, Conference and Events Manager at the Henry Jones Art Hotel about planning your wedding reception.

What are some of the things couples should consider when they’re searching for a reception venue?

The venue needs to suit the couple; the feel of venue is one of the most important things to ensure they both feel comfortable in the space. 

Consider the size of the wedding and if the venue can hold the amount of guests you are looking to invite. This will normally be advertised. 

How can a bride and groom maximise their time spent when meeting with their reception venue coordinator/caterer?

  • Ensure that you have read over the wedding packages from the venue.
  • Request a copy of the terms and conditions.
  • Have a list of questions ready to go for your meeting.
  • Ensure you have decided on the type of wedding reception you wish to hold, formal sit down or cocktail style.
  • Know your budget.

What are some trends you are seeing when it comes to wedding receptions and/or catering? 

Formal sit down receptions are still the most popular type of wedding reception I look after, however cocktail style receptions are becoming quite popular. It is dependent on the wants and needs of the client.

How did you get started in the industry?

Informally I started in the industry from a very early age through my family’s hotel businesses in the state; this lead on to me applying for my first job with the Federal Group when I was 18. 

I commenced looking after conferences, weddings and events in 2009 with The Henry Jones Art Hotel as an Events Coordinator.

In late 2011 I moved to Wrest Point as Events Coordinator to broaden my experience with large scale events. This year I moved back to The Henry Jones Art Hotel as the Conference and Events Manager. Along the way I have completed my diploma and advanced diploma in Tourism, and currently attending the University of Tasmania.

What is something unique to your service that you are especially proud of?

Honesty is the best policy, be yourself and give the couple as much detail as you can. Be open, friendly and trusting.

As I have looked after many weddings in my time I am able to provide the hints and advice that the couple should keep in mind when planning. I hope to be able to offer a true and genuine service to make their special day one of the best days of their lives.

What advice would you give to brides and grooms to ensure their wedding day runs more smoothly?

My number one advice would be to have an MC, the Master of Ceremonies is normally someone close to the couple, that knows the timeline just as much as the bride and groom, and that they are able to look after the day and evening as the contact and be the person who introduces the evening along with the housekeeping rules of the property. They should be your “go-to person”. This helps the bride and groom from having to manage the wedding on the day and evening.     

The week before or week of your wedding, meet with the Event Coordinator or Event Manager for your wedding, run through the event as a double check to ensure all details are correct and ready for the big day.

Enjoy the day as much as you can, the 24 hours of that day tend to go very quickly! 

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