Wedding Reception or Toddler’s Birthday Party?

Some meals are just more suited for toddlers birthday parties…
Take, for example, this couple’s wedding day spread; which consisted of slices of unwrapped “plastic cheese”, orange quarters and square portions of chocolate brownie garnished with lemon lollies.

This couple’s meal has been branded “pathetic” after a photo of the food was uploaded by a guest to a wedding shaming group.

A few people ruthlessly responded to this status:

One person said, “This looks like a catering spread for work — a low budget one.”

“They took the time to unwrap hundreds of slices of fake cheese but couldn’t be bothered to take the sticker off the fruit?” another questioned.

Another savage commenter said, “This is basically what we served at my three-year-old’s birthday party. Except we had quiche and strawberries.”

While the dissatisfied guest was hoping to receive support over their opinion of the basic meal, once the post went viral the small rant impressively backfired.

Many jumped to defend the happy couple, calling out the “cruel” friend who took the mickey out of their wedding day meal.

“Why worry about fancy food when you are there to witness the important thing … Marriage. Whoever took pictures & others with negative comments … you’re very judgmental, snobbish, & miserable. No wonder the world is a mess, because of people like you.”

“I’ll eat this! Invite me! What’s wrong with it? Whoever thinks that this is “preposterous” are the same people that will go to an “expensive wedding” drink their expensive wines, talk crap and stuff their botched faces while “maybe” bringing a gift. SMH!”

“Weddings used to be a celebration of love and life! Not a competition over material things or appetisers! Maybe weddings should scale back and have the ceremony and dessert and send all these backstabbing guests home! (Not your Day, Not your Choices!)”

“Whoever posted this is so arrogant, they are not a friend at all, would not want them at my wedding.”

“What kind of friends are these? You are invited to a wedding to share in the couple’s happiness. If that is what they could afford or for whatever the reason that is what they served IT IS FINE. Weddings are not meant to be fancy restaurants.”

What do you think of the humble wedding spread? Do you think it was “pathetic”? 

If you want to know what you’re up against, according to Wedded Wonderland, the average cost of an Australian wedding has steadily increased over the past two years, now coming in at $53,168 in 2019, which is a 3.75 per cent increase from last year. Weddings just seem to be getting more and more expensive!

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