6 common wedding regrets & how to avoid them

When it comes to planning your wedding, it’s hard not to get swept up in the idea that everything should be perfect. No one wants wedding regrets after all!


We’ve done some research on common mistakes young couples make when planning their wedding.
Word to the wise – use this cautionary list to avoid having your own wedding regrets from your big day.

1. Inviting too many people

This one is easy to do. You may have dozens of relatives and many friends between you, so it’s easy to invite more than you need. Many people feel pressured into inviting more guests than they had initially set out to (usually at the urging of pushy mothers or in-laws). 

Make sure you make it known early on in the planning process that your partner and yourself will be selecting the guest list and won’t be budging on the numbers.

2. Agonising over the details

Many brides spend hours worrying over the finer details of the big day. Napkins, tableware, seating charts… You can lose yourself scrolling through Pinterest until you’re torn between wanting garden flowerpots and metal planters for your table centrepieces or vintage glass vases filled with lavender. 

Rather than spend all that time ruminating over the myriad of choices available to you, go for the first thing you love the look of, go with your gut instincts and resist comparing with alternatives. After all, no one is going to remember what colour your napkins were… probably not even you!

3. Unfavourable weather conditions

Okay, the weather card you’re dealt on your wedding day is in the lap of the Gods. But you can ensure the whole day isn’t ruined when it buckets down with rain by having a contingency plan. Establish a Plan B (and even Plan C) should a spanner be thrown in the works of Plan A. 

4. Having too big a bridal party

Much like the pressure to invite more guests, having a large bridal party can often be the result of feeling obligated to make certain people bridesmaids or groomsmen.

If you’re happy with a 10-strong bridal party, that’s your prerogative, but a larger party is going to seriously blow out your budget, and also make coordinating the day a little tricky with so many people to manage. Better to keep it at two (or three) close friends or siblings.

5. Not having a no phone rule

Given the ubiquity of iPhones these days, most people can’t resist whipping theirs out at every snap-worthy moment. But having all your guests in the background holding up their phones, while your professional photographer captures the ceremony, is not a good look. Some of your guests may also not be comfortable being photographed, and the noise of notifications will interrupt your special event.

Before your nuptials start, have your celebrant request that guests keep their iPhones tucked away on silent and assure them that there will be plenty of professional shots you’ll be happy to share with them.

6. Not making it adults only

This is a tricky one. Many couples want to include young family members in their wedding – there’s nothing cuter than a two-year-old flower girl toddling down the aisle – but if you’d like to enjoy your day without small children making a bit of mess and noise, or little ears overhearing adult talk, particularly if you’re having a formal sit-down affair, then politely say so on your wedding invites. 

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