Wedding trends fluctuate as much as the cost of a plane ticket! What’s the latest in 2019?

Lately, weddings have swayed towards the untraditional side of things. Gone are the days you have a pure white wedding gown with puffed sleeves, dozens of bridesmaids and groomsmen on either side of you, basic matching bridesmaids dresses, and a plain dinner with whatever drinks are on offer.

2019 is all about embracing modern aesthetics, letting go of all practical traditions, and adding your own personal touch to your wedding.  We’re seeing the trend swerving far away from the soft classic colours and head towards more jazzed up colours. 2019 is going to see a lot more weddings in new colour combinations people have never seen before! You could say that a lot has changed since the 1900s. Preferred colours, clothing styles, and décor for weddings have fluctuated over the past few decades.

According to Pantone, the colour of the year is ‘Living Coral’. Clients are leaning towards more modern, fresher palettes with dashes of bright and bold colours, which represent somewhat, fun, youthful, and daring features.

Non-traditional bridesmaid dresses in an eclectic mix of a certain colour scheme. Meaning, each bridesmaid wears a different style of the same coloured dress.

Vegan menus. We’re seeing a massive rise in requests for not just vegan dishes as an option for people with dietary requirements, but for the entirety of the wedding meals from start to finish.

Mixed and untraditional bridal parties. Instead of seeing six girls standing next to the bride, and six groomsmen standing next to the groom, we’ll see fewer members in the bridal parties, a mix of genders standing on both sides of the aisle, or even none at all!

Mobile bars or caravans. Serving more specialty cocktails and custom made drinks (by choice of bride and groom) with fresh ingredients. Combine a quirky Bar Caravan with your signature wedding cocktail and it’s pure bliss! It will all add up to one shindig of a party!

Deep colour schemes. Design plans will be focused on deep colours with somewhat of a modern flair. Darker colours will accent the traditional pale ones. Any chosen rich tones can be added through furniture and fabrics, while the flowers remain light and airy.

Designers are expecting to be working with emerald greens, smokey greys, blues paired with blush, mauve and of course, the colour of the year! – Coral.

Day weddings. Planning your wedding during the day is slowly becoming a trend; with lunches hosted in gardens, brides changing into their ‘Venue Attire’ and wearing tea length dresses, and waiters serving black tea or sodas.

Mega-trains. With all the excitement of Royal weddings that have been around lately, more brides are being drawn to wedding gowns with mega-trains. To feel like a princess on your wedding day, make a statement with a flowing train!

Hand-beaded wedding gowns. The world’s top bridal gown designers have spoken and they’re all saying that dresses literally dripping in beads are back. Apparently, having your dream gown adorned with the 1920’s grandeur of hand beading is all the rage!

Neon. Have you thought about designing your own wedding signage? Bringing old school neon lighting back has been a blast! People have been adding them to the walls or entry of the venue, marking tables with custom numbers, adding their initials to the wall over the bridal table, or creating their own wedding #hashtag at the polaroid guest-book station.

Times are changing, fashion is improving (depending on the way you look at it), tradition is fading away and everyone is slowly adapting to spontaneity and abstract thinking. The only thing to do is follow in their footsteps and have your wedding however you like.

Just because no one has done it before, doesn’t mean you should hold back. Let your imagination go wild and create the wedding of your dreams!

…and for the people who firmly believe in tradition and refuse to stray, that’s okay too. It is your day. Just be aware that as times goes on, fashion trends change, modern things are becoming popular and sooner or later companies and businesses may no longer stock your beloved classic products…

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