What your wedding guests really want from your big day

Every couple wants to ensure their wedding guests are kept happy on the big day, and that their wedding wants are met.

What your wedding guests really want from your big day
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From novelty catering ideas like candy stations and doughnut walls to carefully choreographed bride and groom wedding dances, couples are coming up with ever-elaborate ways to keep their guests having a good time. 

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the pressure to put on an extravagant (and thus expensive) event, you can rest easy though. 

American Express recently conducted a survey asking wedding guests to reveal which elements of the celebrations they find the most (and least) enjoyable, and thankfully, guests aren’t as high-maintenance as you would think.

What topped the list of wedding priorities for guests were things that won’t cost you a dime and are also largely out of your control – so the pressure is off. 

These “wedding wants” included knowing other guests, good weather and how well they know the bride and groom.

The venue and catering did make the list though so it’s worth spending time getting these two elements right. 

5 of the most important “wedding wants” for guests: 

1. Knowing other guests (described as important by 44% of survey participants)

2. Good weather (42%)

3. How well they know the bride/groom (41%)

4. The venue (38%)

5. The catering (37%)

As for those finer details you’ve been deliberating over – the bomboniere and goody bags – guests couldn’t care less. Let’s be real, most of the wedding favours are left behind after the festivities or forgotten in the back of a cab, so don’t spend a fortune on them.

5 of the least important “wedding wants” for guests: 

1. Favours/goody bags (described as important by 5% of survey participants)

2. The speeches (10%)

3. Being able to bring children (10%)

4. Being able to bring a plus one (13%)

5. Meeting new people (13%)

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