Wedding rings for him and her

Blog 2 imageAfter you have exchanged your “I do’s”, the last of the Champagne has been drunk and the cake devoured, one of the most enduring keepsakes of your big day, other than your treasured memories, will be your wedding rings.

After all, it is a piece of jewellery you will wear for the rest of your life and the ultimate symbol of your commitment to one another.

So it’s vital that you follow a few key steps when it comes to choosing his and her wedding bands.

Agree on your style

It’s important to discuss the basic look you would both prefer before you embark on your search. If you envisage a delicate platinum ring with diamonds and your groom-to-be has a plain yellow gold band in mind you’re going to need to compromise.

Start the search early

Once you have a basic idea of what you want, it’s time to hit the jewellery stores. Give yourselves at least two months to browse, research, price and revisit rings that catch your eye. Allow even more time if you’re interested in having your wedding bands custom-made.

Have a budget and stick to it

As with any purchase the desire to spend just that “little bit extra” even after outlining your overall wedding budget is tempting. Ensure you stay firm by doing as much research as possible before making your final purchase. An informed buyer is a savvy one.

Keep your engagement ring in mind

Your wedding band preference will have to be largely dictated by your engagement ring. You need to select a band that will both complement and fit comfortably with the sparkler you’re already sporting.

Go for comfort

Given it’s something you wear everyday, finding a comfortably fitting ring is a must, and ultimately comes down to two factors – shape and width.

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