What actually makes a wedding enjoyable for guests?

Eight things that could make your wedding day the most memorable!


1. Your party is only as good as the people enjoying it.

Invite people who you are fairly close to. If you invite guests plainly out of consideration some may feel as though they’re only there as a formality. It’s a lot more enjoyable for everyone if they know you well, that way you can spend the day/evening with all the people you love and have an amazing time so no-one feels out of place and like they’ve been invited ‘just because.’

2. Incorporating the couple’s hobbies interests and who they are.

The couples who incorporate their personalities into their special day make the best weddings! Get creative and express your innermost selves for a more exciting, less traditional wedding.


  • If you’re into chemistry and science you could use chemistry glassware instead of vases for the dining décor
  • If your thing is knitting or crocheting you could design flowers to put into the centrepieces –for low budget or simply because you want to
  • If you enjoy gardening you could decorate with succulents and put tea lights into baby plant pots!
  • If you are a baker, serve canapes in patty pans or make a rustic ceiling ornament out of old rolling pins
  • If you’re an artistic person you could use paint palettes for dipping sauces or give each guest a little chalkboard to write what they wish instead of having a guestbook! Another idea might be to print your menus on mini canvases!

Add a little bit of you and your partner and make it personal. After all, it is YOUR wedding and you need to make it your own.

3. Serving good food.

The one thing you can be assured of that your guests will remember is the food. Out of all the purchases you make for your wedding, make sure you save a generous amount for good food. There is nothing worse than your guests going home dissatisfied or making bad comments about your choice of meals.

4. Not cramming too much in.

The worst thing at weddings is when everyone is being summoned for something every 15 minutes while they’re having a good time and are comfortably seated.

If you want everyone to watch you cut the cake, perhaps invest in a projector screen to place in front of all your guests’ seating arrangement; that way you can connect it to a camera of some sort to project the visual of that special moment. Also, try to limit the number of speeches and toasts during canapes and dinner so your guests have time to chat and eat.


5. The newlyweds having fun.

The couple under the spotlight is just that; under the spotlight. They’re being watched by everyone, which means their vibe is everyone else’s vibe.

If there is a big argument, everyone else will feel the negativity. If you two are emotional, everyone else will most likely be emotional. It is your day so everyone will follow your lead. No one likes to share the company of a distant, quiet, uptight, buttoned-up person. Have a couple drinks to settle the nerves, loosen up a bit and go crazy on the dance-floor together! Nothing sets the mood better than having the newly married couple having fun and enjoying themselves.

6. Having an open bar or serving beverages free of charge.

If you’ve already previously asked your guests to pay their way into the wedding you may want to think about paying for their drinks! Some may think it slightly rude to make everyone pay for all their beverages throughout the night on top of what they’ve already paid to help celebrate with you on your special day. To thank them for coming along and supporting your marriage, giving them access to drinks on the house may be a lovely gesture!

7. Not having an extravagant wedding cake.

To reduce the fuss with people who don’t eat cake, or can’t eat cake due to dietary requirements and risking the possible event where there’s not enough cake for everyone, you may want to embrace the idea of not having a cake.

You may be thinking “What? No cake?” Though it sounds out of character and boring you can easily replace the excitement of having a special cake with other desserts. Ask your venue if they could prepare a few different desserts as well as all the other food instead of paying for an expensive cake.

Or if that is out of the question, perhaps set up a sweets table. The variety can be endless, your guests can pick and choose for themselves. For inspiration perhaps think about jars of chocolates, platters of fruit, bowls of truffles, plates of tarts, glasses of mousse or custard and maybe a few fancy cupcakes for the bridal party! That way everyone gets a chance to get dessert and they can eat what they actually want.

8. Having a separate area for the people who don’t want loud music.

Elderly guests, newborns, people with hearing disabilities, and all those chatterboxes. What do you do with them if you’ve already planned for a perfect band or DJ with all your favourite tunes?

Some people don’t want to yell over the music and most elderly people can be sensitive to loud noise so maybe think about having a separate area for them to access during the night. It may be a separate room, it may be through a hallway, it could even be on a deck outside or a corner with a couple lounges; whatever it is, it will be a polite and considerate option for your loving guests.

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